Inflation top concern for G20 countries: survey

Runaway inflation, a widening debt crisis and cost of living problems will be the biggest threats to doing business in the G20 (G-20) countries over the next two years, according to World Economic Forum data on Monday. it was done.

According to an executive opinion survey conducted by the World Economic Forum’s Center for New Economics and Society, inflation has soared to levels not seen in decades, with one-third of G20 nations It was indicated that it was recognized as a matter of concern.

Central banks around the world have embarked on aggressive monetary policy tightening, but their efforts to keep inflation in check risk pushing the global economy into recession.

The survey, which comes ahead of COP27 in Egypt and the G20 summit in Indonesia later this month, also showed that environmental issues have been put on the backburner for the first time in years. Impact of the Ukrainian War on the Cost of Living Crisis.

Cyberattacks were one of the least commonly mentioned risks in the survey, despite the rise in cases of data breaches and technology-based security threats.

Marsh McLennan and Zurich were partners in the research.