Influencer Quenlyn Blackwell posted a crying TikTok begging for donations saying he “accidentally” bought a $100,000 sofa

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Blackwell said she was “joking” when she entered her card details to pay for the sofa, but the website charged her account.Quenlyn Blackwell via TikTok.

  • TikToker said she mistakenly bought a $100,000 sofa soliciting donations to help her.

  • Quenlin Blackwell said he entered his card details as a joke but was charged for the sofa.

  • Some online users were unsympathetic, saying they must have “rich friends” to help.

TikToker, which has 7.9 million followers, is facing backlash after asking viewers to donate after claiming it “accidentally” bought a sofa for $100,000.

Quenlin Blackwell, 21, video Footage appears to show her crying in her car when she says she entered her card details into an online bid on a sofa. She said she was “joking” when she entered it, but the website charged her account.

The post’s on-screen caption read, “I accidentally bought a $100,000 sofa.”

“I almost hit my car when I saw it,” she said in the video, which has 5.3 million views as of Wednesday. If you have $1 billion, would you donate it?” Can I borrow it? “

A commenter below Blackwell’s video said she couldn’t understand why she would enter card details if she had no intention of buying a sofa.

The comment “girl putting card info as a joke” got 52,000 likes. “ILY, but why did you include your information,” said another commenter.

On Monday, Blackwell posted a follow-up tick tock, it was captioned, “They won’t give me a refund on the couch.” She said she plans to set up an OnlyFans account to make money, “I don’t want to, but I have to,” she said, also for dental work and replacing side mirrors. I needed the money, she added, a car.

“I don’t want to work. I feel like throwing up because I know they didn’t refund me,” she said in the video.

Blackwell added a link to his OnlyFans account to his Instagram bio.

Some commenters on Blackwell’s second TikTok said they didn’t believe her story was true.

“You were in acting class, weren’t you?” said the commentator, “she must play pranks on us.”

Others who believed the story did not seem to sympathize with the influencer, believing she had a wealthy and famous network to help her because she has a large following. ing.

“Hey, ask your 100+ famous friends for help,” wrote one, while another said, “Ask your rich friends.”

As of Wednesday, Blackwell did not appear to have publicly addressed the criticism and did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

blackwell is tick tock Regular post since late 2019 dance When vlog style video. she also YouTube channel She has 950,000 subscribers and posts content about lifestyle and cooking.

In October 2020, at age 19, she sparked controversy when she said on TikTok Live that she was living with DJ and producer Diplo, who was 41 at the time.he answered Tweet He said he owed her one of his properties, but there was “only friendship” between the pair. Confirmed.

influencers are receive support Asking followers to donate to charitable causes often faces scrutiny when asking viewers for money to use for personal reasons.

March, An insider reported that Weight loss influencer Lexi Reid, who has more than one million followers on Instagram, has been criticized for launching a GoFundMe page to pay for medical bills after she said she was hospitalized with organ failure. told Insider, “People seem to think I’m some kind of billionaire” because she’s an influencer, adding that that’s “far from” the truth.

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