Infowars’ Alex Jones is reportedly considering bankruptcy to fend off Sandy Hook’s damages.

With the host of the far-right conspiracy radio show MillionaireAlex Jones Discussing with financial experts how to duck his Sandy Hook lie damages, including bankruptcy, Bloomberg reported on Sunday..

A source with knowledge of the plot told Bloomberg that he used Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing to maintain a civil lawsuit against him while maintaining the operation of the Business Infowars and Freedom of Speech system against him. Raised a problem with his success.

Jones also filed a lawsuit in court earlier this month by parents who sued Jones for defamation. Divert millions of dollars To the shell company’s “Alphabet Soup” to scrape his assets and dodge the damage. The proceedings allege that he withdrew $ 18 million from the company after the first proceeding was filed in 2018.

After 26 people (including 20 first graders) were killed in a horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut in 2012, Jones said the blood bath was staged by “Crisis Actor”. It was a “prank” and claimed that no one was there. I was actually killed. He now admits that it happened.

Jones and his company were found last year to be held liable in a state defamation proceeding over his “ruthless and vulgar lies” brought about by the families of dead children. Not only did Jones benefit from his ridiculous story, but after Jones attacked them on his radio show, his family was threatened with murder and hated emails and phone calls from his supporters. ..

Future trials will determine the amount of damages Jones must pay.He was also found Responsible for three similar proceedings in TexasWhere he lives.

Jones was not asked to comment on the accusations he was planning to fend off damages.

Jones refused to submit a document containing financial information ordered by courts in both states.

He also blew up the court order’s deposition to determine damages last month, claiming he was ill.When his lawyer informed the judge of his excuses, he In the middle of a 4-hour radio broadcastThe Washington Post reported.

Jones later appeared when a family lawyer asked for his arrest warrant, and the judge Fined $ 25,000 a day Against him for every day he missed.judge Agreed to refund his $ 75,000 if he obeyed..

Jones Financial assistance reportedly He was at the scene of a rally in Washington, DC, before the Capitol was attacked on January 6, 2021. Almost 100 self-incriminations when he was cross-examined According to the House Selection Committee investigating riots.

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