Initial information was wrong, US Congressman Jackie Warorski’s car crossed the center line

ELKHART — a transport vehicle US Congressman Jackie Waroski According to new information from the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, (R-2nd District) was apparently the vehicle that crossed the Indiana 19 centerline and collided with an oncoming vehicle.

of Four killed in Wednesday crash, including Waroski, and two others who were in the car at the time – 27-year-old Zach Potts and 28-year-old Emma Thomson. Edith Schmucker, 56, a Napanee resident, was driving in the opposite direction and was struck by Warorski’s car and died at the scene.

Warorski, 58, has served in the US House of Representatives since 2013 as Indiana’s second congressional district.

Potts served as chairman of the St. Joseph County Republican Party. Thomson was Walorski’s communications director. The group reportedly returned from a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Claypool.

Information provided by Elkhart County Police on Thursday runs counter to what the agency initially said about the circumstances of the crash. At one point, he said he crossed the center line and hit a silver Toyota RAV 4 driven by Potts.

Police now say that Warorski and her team drove north and Potts “crossed the center line for reasons currently unknown” and hit Schmucker, who was driving south. It occurred just south of the roundabout where 19 connects with Indiana 119.

Elkhart County Police said in a statement that they were aware of eyewitness and video evidence that contradicted initial reports, saying that “information obtained from preliminary investigations at the scene regarding the direction of travel of the vehicle was incorrect.” added.

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Tribune messages to the Elkhart Sheriff’s Office and the Elkhart County Coroner have not been returned as of Thursday morning. Indianapolis television station Fox59 reported before 8 p.m. Wednesday night that the station had retracted its initial statement, but The Tribune was unable to confirm the retraction. issued a new statement to correct. The department’s Facebook page was updated at 11:05 am Thursday to correct the error.

The release added that everyone involved in the crash was wearing seatbelts and airbags deployed.

This article originally appeared in the South Bend Tribune. US Congressman Jackie Warorski’s car crossed center line, police say

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