Injured Colorado hiker missing for two nights, rescued after train passengers found her on riverbank

a colorado hiker A woman with a broken leg who was stranded two nights in the wilderness was rescued last week after a passenger on a passing train was found lying on the river bank, officials said.

The hiker, a woman in her 20s from New Mexico, was doing a day hike on the Colorado Trail in the Deer Park area when she left the trail and headed south along the banks of the Animas River when she fell and broke her leg. . Emergency Management Agency, San Juan County, Colorado.

Darren Whitten, director of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge (D&SNG), said the hiker was taking pictures as he fell off the cliff, the Durango Herald reported.

The woman, whose identity was not immediately revealed, spent two nights wounded in the wilderness.

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On the second night, she was dragged to a spot along the Animas River where she could be seen. The next morning, she flagged down the first train from Colorado to Silverton at 11:38 a.m., just south of the trail crossing.


one time train passenger A passenger on the D&SNG train noticed her asking for help and alerted the conductor. Train staff were quick to attend to the distressed hikers.

A train crew, including Nick Breeden, Kyla Breeden and Delton Henry, crossed the river to reach the injured hiker. Two of his members were medics from La Plata County and helped hikers until emergency services arrived.

“Not all heroes [sic] Despite wearing capes, the two are now honorary team members of @silverton_medical_rescue,” San Juan County OEM said of Nick and Kyla Breeden.

hikers were airlifted Montrose Hospital. Her current condition was not immediately known.


San Juan County OEMs thank railroads. Help rescue.

“Thanks to teamwork and cooperation, another person was successfully returned home at the moment of need,” the agency said.