Inquiries to investigate police failures exposed by Sarah Everd Murder

The Home Office announced on Tuesday that a new investigation had begun to identify general disabilities that allowed Sarah Ebarad’s murderer to be hired as a police officer.

Wayne Kusens, 48, was put in jail on Thursday for the kidnapping, rape, and murder of a 33-year-old marketing executive. Couzens served the Metropolitan Police Department when he kidnapped the victims in a fake arrest on March 3.

“The tragic event has revealed an unimaginable police failure,” Home Secretary Priti Patel said in a statement.

“It is disgusting for police officers to commit such horrific crimes by abusing their positions of power, authority and trust,” Patel said in a statement.

“The general public has the right to know the failure that allowed him to continue to be employed as a police officer, and the investigation gives the independent oversight necessary to prevent this from happening again. Let’s do it, “she added.

The first part of the investigation, based on an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IOPC), traces the steps leading up to Kusen’s conviction, establishes a clear explanation of his actions, and shows signs of crime. I missed the opportunity to detect it.

IOPC is currently conducting a number of Kusen-related investigations, including how the Kent Police and Met handled allegations of public obscenity cases currently related to Kusen.

The second part of the new investigation will “examine the specific issues raised in the first part of the investigation, which covers a wide range of police-wide, including review practices, professional standards and discipline, and workplace behavior. It may contain problems. “

To further inform the investigation, Patel also sent a letter to His Majesty’s police and fire rescue service inspectors, asking independent agencies to conduct subject inspections of examinations and anti-corruption procedures by police throughout England and Wales, including the military. It is expected to request that it be implemented. Ability to detect and deal with abusive and predatory behavior.

The Home Office said the investigation was not statutory at this time to ensure that it was done “as quickly as possible,” and added that it could be converted to a statutory investigation if necessary.

Meanwhile, Patel also chaired a new task force to tackle violence against women and girls and promote intergovernmental action to maintain public confidence in police, with its first meeting scheduled for this fall. Said the Ministry of Interior.

The Task Force reports to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who chairs the Task Force on Crime and Justice.

Labor Party Yvette Cooper, chairman of the Commons Interior Commission, said on Twitter that the investigation was “welcome” and “to consider more broadly the handling of allegations of violence against women and girls by police officers and staff. Is important. “

However, the plan was fired by Shadow House secretary Nick Thomas Symons after Johnson first evaded the phone to support the hearing.

“Workers have sought a completely independent investigation for days, but the Prime Minister refused to support it. Now, the Interior Minister has announced it halfway, but in a way to get an answer. We didn’t put it on a solid statutory foundation to ensure that there were no barriers, “he said.

PA contributed to this report.

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