Insensitive Republican fist bump sparks outrage after withholding aid from Burnpit veterans

Republican senators sparked a storm of anger as they punched their fists after voting to defer aid to veterans who had been exposed to burns.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is fist-bumping Sen. Steve Danes (R-Mont.) Shortly after the Republicans won Thursday block A PACT law that allows soldiers, sailors and airmen exposed to smoldering waste pits in combat areas to be covered by the VA’s medical system for related illnesses. Many people suffer from cancer.

Republicans’ Surprise Resistance to Bill Revealed Payoffs after a Republican sweep Earlier this week, Democrats $740 billion package Higher taxes on the wealthy and investments in climate change and healthcare.

Democrats and veterans’ groups were furious that when the veterans bill was expected to pass, it was delayed by outraged Republicans.

“This is complete bullshit. This is literally the worst over-politicization I’ve ever seen,” the senator said. Kirsten Gillibrand (DN.Y.) at a press conference held Thursday by Democrats and Veterans.

The merciless fist-bumping celebration was particularly unacceptable to many.

The meanest part of this whole thing As I watched Ted Cruz put his fists together on the Senate floor, [the Republicans] We patted each other on the back when they blocked this bill,” former ‘Daily Show’ host John Stewart said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

They celebrated their victory over cancer veterans. In the end, he handed it over to “a big veteran with cancer.” Great! ‘ he added sarcastically.

There were many others:

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