Inspector General Brian Sicknick died of natural causes after the Capitol riots

Brian Sicknick, a parliamentary police officer, died of natural causes the day after President Trump’s supporters rioted in the parliament on January 6. Washington post on Monday.

Examiner Francisco J. Diaz said Sicknick died after suffering two strokes the day after the riot, due to a blood clot that blocked the flow to the base of Sicknick’s brainstem. Diaz added that “everything that happened” “played a role in his condition” during the Capitol riots.

Two rioters have been charged with attacking Sicknick with a chemical stimulant. Diaz’s decision that Sicknick died of natural causes could hinder the efforts of prosecutors to prosecute two rioters for murder.

“It took a reasonable amount of time to evaluate all the evidence,” said Christopher Gerdart, deputy mayor of public security, said the Inspector General’s office. Position.. Gerdhart added that Diaz “feels conscientious about making this call.”

Sicknick He joined the Houses of Parliament Police in 2008 and was honored at the Houses of Parliament after his death. Police said Sicknick had collapsed after returning to the office in the wake of the riots.

Conflicting reports came out about Sicknick’s death situation. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said on January 8 that Sicknick had died “injured to protect the US Capitol.” Law enforcement officers initially New York Times A rioter attacked Sicknick with a fire extinguisher, but a few weeks later police investigators and inspectors could not agree on the cause of death.

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