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Prince Phillip shaped the lives of his grandchildren, starting with William and Harry

One of Prince Phillip’s eight grandchildren will be of particular interest. Prince Harry will be anxious to return to England for the funeral of his beloved grandfather. His dedication to his grandparents was evident in all the bomb exposures in a Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey last month. “I have never blinded my grandmother. I have a lot of respect for her,” Harry insisted. When asked about Duke Edinburgh’s illness, the Duchess added, “I picked up the phone and called the Queen just to check in.” Harry also acted to defend his grandparents in the subsequent anger at the couple’s allegations that his son’s color was discussed by family members. “He wanted to make sure that it wasn’t his grandmother or grandfather who was part of those conversations if I had the opportunity to share it,” Winfrey later revealed. Philip lived his grandson’s life in Los Angeles thousands of miles away. In fact, of all the royal roles he abandoned for his new life in California, the closest thing to his mind was the ritual as Commandant of the Marine Corps. Prince Phillip, the head of the Royal Marines, abandoned Harry’s role, which lasted more than three years, after serving as captain for an astonishing 64 years from 1953 to 2017. A grandfather who pays close attention to his grandchildren – no matter how difficult, no matter how badly his parents got married. This year was the only latest evidence of their mutual grandparents’ affection. In March, Zara Tindall named her newborn backpack. As Philip Tindor. In February, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank called their son August Philip Hawk Brooksbank after their dear grandfather.

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