Instagram restricted URL link function is finally open to more people

Instagram Stories link

Instagram Stories link

In the past, to add URL links to Instagram’s limited time feeds, it was necessary to obtain certification before enabling the function. However, with the development, IG seems to have intentionally relaxed the restrictions so that more users can share richer content.According to IG The Verge It is revealed that they will relax the restriction to the account of only 10,000 followers to be able to add hyperlinks. Not surprisingly, they are currently testing a small group of users.

Regarding the practice of adding hyperlinks to restrictions, IG’s product director stated that they will track which online stores users share, and pay special attention to whether anyone will use this to spread spam and false information. However, the future development direction will allow IG to be connected to the external network.

In any case, this new measure is welcome to companies that rely on IG to do small business and new Internet celebrities. Finally, let’s publicize. We also have IG in the Chinese version of Engadget. Remember to follow it.

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