Instagram star cat Ponzu was killed after the owner “attacked” in a park in New York

& Lt; p & gt; Ponzu, a cat allegedly killed in an attack on its owner, Chanan Aksornnan.  & Lt; / p & gt; (Love Nature / YouTube)

Ponzu, a cat allegedly killed in an attack on its owner, Chanan Axonnan.

(Love Nature / YouTube)

A cat with more than 30 million Instagram followers was killed on suspicion of attacking its owner and Instagram chef Chanan Aksornnan.

Known as “Chef Baobao,” Ascornan was walking with his boyfriend in ponzu and four other pets at McCarren Park in Brooklyn on April 4.

The boy stumbled upon a ponzu string and pulled it, according to a Facebook incident report. user Charlie Pim.

Pim wrote in Thai that the cat was tied to a leash and pulled “in the air …” and forcibly pulled out its claws to bleed.

After that, Ms. Ascornan confronted the boy’s family and asked, “What did you do?”

The woman, who appears to be the mother of the boy, replied, “This is what I got when I walked the f ****** cat, b ****.”

Later, Ascornan and her boyfriend were attacked by their family, in addition to the other two pets. A video of the incident is displayed to confirm the attack.

“The family didn’t just apologize or regret,” she told online news. Green pointers on Monday. “They immediately began verbal abuse, which escalated into physical assault. I was beaten and kicked by three women.”

According to an Instagram chef, Ascornan’s boyfriend, who remains anonymous, suffered a broken nose that required surgery.

On Instagram Position On April 7, she wrote that the cat died of “shock and injury” after the incident. It is said to have suffered from heart disease.

She continued. “We are traumatized, speechless and grieving. That day, our family was physically assaulted to find and prosecute perpetrators who did not sympathize with animals and humans. Police investigation is pending. “

Many fans of Ponzu and Chef Baobao used Twitter to call for arrest of the case — and the latest in a series of attacks on Asian Americans.

“Ponzu was diagnosed with heart disease and made friends with parrot mangoes,” he wrote. Ines Helen.. “Along with his brother’s tofu, they were adopted by an Asian family. Ponzo and his family were attacked in a park in what appears to be an anti-Asian hate crime. Ponzo died.”

New York Police Department asked for comment Independent..

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