Intel invests 20 billion U.S. dollars to build two new 7nm fabs in Arizona, USA

Intel Arizona Fab


Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger earlierAnnounced a new strategy called “IDM2.0”, Drew up Intel’s production blueprint for the next few years. This blueprint is divided into three parts, namely strengthening its own production capacity, expanding the use of third-party foundries, and establishing Intel’s own foundry services.

First of all, in terms of its own production capacity, Intel will inject US$20 billion to build two new 7nm fabs in Arizona, one of the production bases. However, it will take several years for these fabs to go online for production, so Meteor Lake and Granite Rapids 7nm chips launched during this period may have to rely on third-party fabs. Speaking of the launch of 7nm chips, Intel said that it will complete the Meteor Lake chip design in the second quarter of this year, but the launch of its products may be delayed until 2023.

Finally, Intel announced the establishment of a new division called “Intel Foundry Services (IFS).” This will combine Intel’s process and packaging technology, as well as production capacity in Europe and the United States, to provide customers with customized product production services. The partners that have already cooperated include Amazon, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft, and even Apple may be listed. Naturally, when Intel can’t even stabilize its own production, how to take care of other customers is a problem, but Gelsinger said that IFS is an independent business unit that will not be affected by existing products and will strive to serve customers.