Intel Reveals Putin on Thin Ice in Panicked Troop Search



Russia Searching for new ways to increase the number of troops in Ukraine without kicking off domestic backlashaccording to the new British government intelligence assessment.

“It is very likely that the Russian leadership will continue to seek ways to meet the large number of personnel needed for a future major offensive in Ukraine while minimizing domestic dissent.” said an intelligence analysis shared on Monday.

“Russian authorities are likely to leave the option of reconvening under ‘partial mobilization’,” the assessment added.

US officials have begun warning that Russia is likely preparing new offensive for the new yearRussia has maintained a manpower advantage over Ukraine during the war, but intelligence analysis reveals a balancing act the Kremlin is undertaking behind the scenes.

Russia 300,000 “partial mobilization” Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to launch a war effort in Ukraine last fall after months of war plans failed to achieve key goals. bottom. Hundreds of thousands of Russians fled the country to escape orders.I received what I didn’t run away from no training before being sent to the front lines in some cases.

Putin’s First Strike Plan Revealed in Satellite Photos

Other signs are trickling out of Russia that the Kremlin is in dire need of more personnel. The chairman of Russia’s Commission of Inquiry, Aleksandr Bastrikin, pointed out in a recent remark that naturalized citizens must participate in the war. Russia says it has begun to prevent some workers from leaving the country because they may be needed to fight in Ukraine. RFE/RL.

“‘You are on the mobilization list. I remembered

The Russian Defense Ministry is also considering an order to fund Volunteer Corps According to Medusa, it is equipped with food, medical supplies, weapons, and uniforms.

The Kremlin tried to calmly deal with the idea that Russia might be planning another mobilization.Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov He sidestepped questions about it earlier this month, noting that rumors about new mobilizations should not necessarily be taken at face value. to the commander, Take all Donbass by March And there are still plans to ramp up combat in the coming months.

Russian A new offensive may begin in February or Marchaccording to Bloomberg.

Almost a year has passed with other signs that Russia is nervous about how the war will go wrong.

Satellite image analysis, which we shared exclusively with The Daily Beast last week, shows that: Russia is building a network of fortresses There are multiple tiers across the Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson fronts. Defensive fortifications, including trenches, mounds and Dragon’s Tooth, suggest that Russia is preparing for a potential Ukrainian counterattack and is struggling to hold on to what it has gained in eastern Ukraine.

The War Research Institute has assessed that the fortifications may indicate that Russia is preparing for its own offensive in the coming weeks.

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