Intentionally burned dog released from Mississippi Hospital

Starkville, Mississippi (AP) —After 10 months of burn treatment, including skin grafting The child intentionally set the fire I was released from the hospital.

The Tunica Humane Society said the yellow Labrador retriever mix, Buddy, was discharged from a veterinary clinic in Mississippi on Tuesday. He has been there since a 12-year-old boy fired at him last April.

“This is the day we prayed,” said the humanitarian society. Facebook Post Tuesday.. “Today, Buddy is back in his life and a gentler, more peaceful world awaits him.

“We celebrated all the obstacles he overcame along the way. His courage and determination to survive inspired us all.”

His doctor, Dr. Betsy Swanson, agreed to raise a dog temporarily until an eternal home was found for him.

“It’s a great place for a buddy to survive his life, rather than being with an extraordinary doctor who fought hard to heal him,” said the humanitarian community.

Buddy was lit by a child in northern Mississippi last year, undergoing a series of skin grafts and having new skin on his nose. Due to his age, the child could not be prosecuted.

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