Intercepted Russian military conversation reveals frustration with defective equipment and Ukrainian artillery


Russian occupiers in Popasna, Luhansk Oblast

Russian occupiers in Popasna, Luhansk Oblast

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One of the invaders can be heard saying he was hit hard by Ukrainian troops at night and complained about the lack of staff.

“Three people work here all day,” said one of the speakers, perhaps a Russian soldier, in an interception.

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“I don’t have much time to sleep. If one person is here, another is there. Currently, these three are on alert all night and four are there in the morning, me. When they went out, they started [pounding] We at AGS (Automatic Grenade System). At first they attacked the field and then they got closer and closer. Several “transit” were running around. Not only did they hit us [pummeled] Someone else is there. “

Another participant in the conversation replied that a tank unit near them also fired.

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“One 200, one 300,” said another participant, referring to the Russian military code for the dead and injured.

“they [struck] At night. A group of reconnaissance and sabotage activities has arrived. They showed us everything. And told us everything. Nothing is worth taking home. Trash can everywhere. Either you drive (the equipment) and don’t shoot, or you shoot and don’t drive. “

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Numerous intercepted Russian military conversations revealed that the invaders’ morale was low and rapidly deteriorating due to many casualties and lack of supplies. Military experts commented that the poor logistics of the Russian army were the main contributors to their loss in the Battle of Kieu.

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