Internal conflict overwhelming Australia’s public health system, weak leadership: former state leader

After the video was released in September, weak political leadership exacerbated competing interests in Australian hospitals, prolonging patient delays and worsening results, according to former state leaders. .. Degree of “ambulance tilt” At a hospital in Melbourne.

Ambulance tilt is the time a patient spends waiting outside the hospital in an ambulance while the emergency department frees up space for the patient.

In one tragic incident, a 7-year-old girl died of fever after waiting 2 hours I plan to go to Perth Children’s Hospital.Meanwhile, Melbourne rescuers claimed she had spent 8 out of 1 12 hours Shift waiting outside the emergency department.

Campbell Newman, a former Prime Minister of the Liberal National Party of Queensland (2013-2015) and now a candidate for the Senate, said that population growth always requires more medical funding, but the system.

Epoch Times Photo
Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman speaks to the media on January 6, 2015 at the Parliament Building in Brisbane, Australia. (GlennHunt / Getty Images)

“The problem is that our public health system is highly integrated. What I found in Queensland when I was Prime Minister was to ensure that the system was actually working properly. There was no way to manage it, “he said. Epoch Times. “Sure, it turns out that there is a lot of corruption.”

Newman’s Government Ambulance tilt finished By treating the hospital system as a production line and processing each link “in the chain”, we have dramatically reduced the waiting time for surgery during our premier term.

“One of the causes of the ambulance surge is the’access block’,” he said, referring to the situation with patients. Stuck in the emergency department More than 8 hours because it cannot be transferred to the hospital bed.

“People were discharged at the right time because they didn’t manage the system effectively and didn’t have enough beds,” Campbell said.

“In some jurisdictions, I’ve heard that people in nursing homes now go to the hospital when they need to be treated in a nursing home, so when the GP needs to be treated at home, the hospital bed It’s full, “he added.

Newman also provided more control over the operation of each hospital by decentralizing management and establishing 17 medical services committees consisting of medical professionals and community members.

But one of his biggest battles was to work on the medical union and move doctors to new contracts associated with performance indicators. This is a move to see a doctor’s union. Threaten mass resignation..

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On February 22, 2021, a nurse can be seen walking from the Covid-19 Vaccine Building at Gold Coast College Hospital on the Gold Coast, Australia. (GlennHunt / Getty Images)

Dr. Steve Hambleton, then chairman of the Australian Medical Association, claimed that the new contract would deprive him of key employment rights.

“These strict contracts remove important protections such as fatigue and breaks, time limits, access to unfair dismissal, dispute resolution and grievance,” he said. In the statement..

When Newman is defeated in the 2015 state elections, the next Labor administration immediately Undo the changes..

Six years later, the hospital system is now in the midst of another crisis.

Parliamentarian state opposition lawmakers provided an analysis of Ministry of Health data, 40 percent of patients In February, rescuers spent nearly 10,000 hours outside the hospital for a month, but were not transferred from the ambulance within 30 minutes.

The state government responded to a call to deal with the delayed health care system, Raise $ 100 Million May.

On November 3, a report on the performance of Metro North Hospital and Health Services covering northern Brisbane found that one of the preventable deaths at Caboolture Hospital was a “negative workplace culture” that could constitute the quality of care. It became clear that the cause was.

“What happened is that the union took over again. Political pressure was gone, so the government’s demands for action just evaporated,” Newman said.

“If your boss is tough and demanding, things will happen. If your boss doesn’t care, just take your foot off the accelerator and things will get worse,” he said. rice field.

Daniel Y. Ten