Interpreter fleeing Afghanistan receives a menacing call from the Taliban ridiculing Biden’s withdrawal


NS A former U.S. military interpreter said he had received a phone call threatening President Joe Biden when the country collapsed in the hands of the Taliban.

Sayyid was in his 40s and worked for many years as an interpreter for US Special Forces. AfghanistanWas recently able to flee Kabul as part of an airlift of US citizens and allies from a country currently controlled by the Taliban.

Sayyid told the Washington Examiner that he was frightened when he was in another part of the country and received two menacing calls from the Taliban before arriving in Kabul and finally leaving.

Veterans unite to rescue translators from Kabul

He said he was asleep when he received the call and woke him up the morning shortly after the city he was in fell into a radical group. Sayyid answered the phone, exchanged his usual formal greetings, and then asked who the other man was. The man responded by referring to Biden.

“I said’what?’,” Sayyid recalled. He said the caller called him “Biden’s son.”

When Sayyid asked the caller, he replied, “I’m your father, Biden,” adding that the Taliban threatened to find him.

Callers also advertised the fact that the Taliban were able to take control of Afghanistan from the government. “Now we have taken over the whole country,” the caller said.

“Where is your Biden? Where is his plane dropping the bomb?” The militants ridiculed.

Sayyid hung up the first call, but the same number immediately called back both the original caller and another person on the phone.

“You are working with non-believers. I am working with Muslims,” ​​said the second person.

Sayyid said he did not respond to the threat, heard the provocation, hung up and blocked the number. He said the phone scared him, and the next day he prepared for Kabul, where his family later met him.

Sayyid was able to connect with some of the US special forces he had previously worked with, and they were able to help secure him and his family from Afghanistan. He said his name was on the list, including the number of children he had, and Marines could find his family near the gate and free them from the situation. rice field.

Area outside the airport in Kabul Completely confused.. Thousands of people have been desperately trying to enter the complex since the Taliban took control of Kabul. Sayyid described the area around the airport as “hell,” and said he felt like he had reached “paradise” if he could enter the complex with his family.

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The United States is working to rescue thousands of citizens and Afghans who have helped the US military over the last few decades. About 88,000 people were airlifted from Kabul Airport this month, most of them evacuated after the collapse of Kabul on August 14.

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