Investigation of DA, Georgia to bring Trump closer to prosecution decision

Atlanta (AP) — Prosecutor weighing Donald Trump and others The crime committed By trying to pressure Georgian officials to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, he said the decision to prosecute could come early this year.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said in an interview with the Associated Press last week that her team is making steady progress and is committed to seeking a special grand jury with the power of a subpoena to assist in the investigation. Said.

“I believe that a decision will be made in that case in 2022,” Willis said. “Sure, I think the decision will be made earlier this year.”

However, Willis told AP that she did not impose a deadline on her staff and urged them to thoroughly inspect them.

She said she has formed a team of less than 10 lawyers, investigators and legal assistants who can consult with outside lawyers with specific expertise in specific legal areas, primarily focusing on this case. rice field.

“We just know the facts, learn the law, are very systematic, very patient, and to some extent calm about this quest for justice,” she said.

Willis refused to talk about the details, but confirmed that the scope of the investigation included: January 2, 2021 Telephone Between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafence Purger, Call in November 2020 Between Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Rafence Purger Sudden resignation Comments from a US lawyer in Atlanta on January 4, 2021 and at a hearing on the December 2020 Georgia Legislative Committee elections.

Willis isn’t the only one investigating attempts by Trump and his allies to overturn their defeat in the 2020 elections. The US Senate Judiciary Committee The report was published in October based on a review of the document and interviews with former staff. and, US House of Representatives Is preparing to publish the findings of a deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. This included a conversation with election officials under pressure from the former president. Attorney General Merrick Garland Ministry of Justice “Wherever they lead, they will follow the facts.”

Willis’s inquiry is not the only one State criminal investigation Including playing cards.New York prosecutor Summoned playing cards And his two eldest sons in his commerce investigation.

Political when Trump’s spokesman was released in February last year after Willis instructed Georgia’s Supreme Election Authority to preserve records related to the general election, especially evidence of attempts to influence the election authorities. He rejected Fulton’s investigation as a “witch hunt” of motive. The investigation included “possible violations of Georgian law prohibiting the solicitation of fraudulent elections, false statements to state and local government agencies, plots, conspiracies, breaches of the oath of office, and violence or threats related to election management. Involvement, “said the letter.

Willis said he had not yet decided whether to ask the Supreme Court Justice of Fulton County Superior Court to appoint a special grand jury. She was able to determine if the prosecution was sufficient based on evidence and witnesses actively discussing with the team, but a special grand jury to force those who refuse to testify without a subpoena. May be useful, she said.

“I like the investigation to be completed, so I’m probably going in the direction of a special grand jury,” she said.

She is as beforeWillis said in this case she would not be in a hurry or affected by the strong public interest.

“I think the public must be patient. You know, continue to live your life. Believe that you chose a district attorney who knows this is a serious problem, it Taken seriously, we are doing our job here, “she said.

Since his defeat, Trump has repeated unproven claims that widespread fraud has cost him elections. Some of his supporters have targeted and violently threatened Georgia and national electoral authorities and workers. Democrat Willis said he was dissatisfied with considering the possibility of criminal accusations against the former Republican president, saying, “Their desires in such an unreasonable way that they believe they would harm me. I expressed my dissatisfaction. “

Previously 17-year prosecutor In her current office, Willis said the threat wasn’t new to her.

“They are really wasting time. It’s not going to discourage me from doing my job, a period,” she said. “I’m not going to do any more because you’re trying to offend me because I’m a black man, a woman, or a political party. We were chosen to do the job, and that’s it. What I’m trying to do is sit here and do it. “