Investigator Drops Bomb Twist After Teen Burger King Drive-Through Killing

GoFundMe / Antoinajah Edwards

GoFundMe / Antoinajah Edwards

Horrible news echoed across the country when a 16-year-old girl working at Burger King Drive-Thru in Milwaukee was shot dead earlier this month. With tens of thousands of dollars donated, Nisha Harris Brazell’s devastated family wondered how she could be taken “in a blink of an eye.”

But after spending two weeks stitching the events together, investigators claimed the bomb. In court documents The Harris Brazell was killed in a failed robbery she performed with her best friend and her best friend’s father.

Harris-Brazell, an avid student Plus key On January 2nd, the high school was shifting as a cashier with a close friend who identified himself in a media interview as follows: Maria Edwards..

A black Chevrolet Impala was pulled up into a drive-through window that night, according to surveillance footage quoted by authorities in the criminal accusation. Harris-Brazell now serves potential customers when a driver pulls a gun and asks for cash.

Surveillance footage showed Harris Brazell leaving and beginning to withdraw money from the cash register while appearing to seek help from a colleague. The court said the driver pulled low over the face that covered the hood of his red jacket, bent over from the window, shook the gun with one hand, and got cash with the other. ..

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However, the perpetrator suddenly withdrew from the window, returned to the car without cash, and then slowed down. At the same time, Harris Brazell fell to the ground with a gunshot.

“After hearing the shot disappear, I ran in front, and I can see my best friend lying there just saying she was shot.” Maria Edwards told FOX6 A few days later.

Harris Brazell was taken to the hospital where he was sentenced to death.

Investigators initially assumed that a window hooded man fired a shot that killed Harris Brazell. However, a closer look at the video footage revealed that the gun he was swinging was never fired, officials said.

Another camera mounted inside the restaurant revealed that the shot was fired from, as outlined in court documents. within Burger King.

When the robbery unfolded and Harris Brazell asked for help, her colleague Derrick Ellis, 34, responded promptly. A criminal complaint filed four days after the shooting alleged that Ellis had pulled out the gun and aimed at the thief, firing two ammunition. Harris-Brazell seems to have been caught in a bonfire.

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Derrick Ellis

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According to court documents, surveillance footage appeared to have panicked when Ellis subsequently scrambled to collect casings fired from the restaurant floor. He was filmed running towards the restaurant manager. The manager helped store the weapons in the store’s safe.

After that, Ellis escaped from the restaurant and hasn’t been seen since. He was charged with murder. Burger King’s manager allegedly told police that Ellis had concealed her weapons and fled because she was a convicted criminal who was not allowed to carry a gun.

Investigators say he confirmed that the Impala driver was Antoine Edwards and his daughter Maria was working at Burger King at the time. According to criminal accusations, Mariah confessed that she, her father, Harris Brazell, adjusted the robbery when she expected cash to be piled up at the cash register.

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Antoine Edwards

Milwaukee County Prison“src =”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Ng–/ -~ B / aD02NTg7dz0xMTcwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u /” class=”caas-img”/>

According to the complaint, Mariah claimed that Harris Brazel was involved because she was manipulating the drive-through windows while she was working in the kitchen. However, it was not part of the plan for his colleague Ellis, who allegedly shot Harris Brazell, to come to the rescue.

Mariah claimed to police that all three had participated in the project, but Antoine Edwards claimed that her daughter was not involved and that Harris Brazell was his only accomplice.

A father and daughter were arrested, and criminal accusations charged Antoine with a felony murder, deliberately contributing to the delinquency of the child and the possession of a felony firearm.

Harris-Brazell’s mother, Liceal Brazil, continued to rebel against her daughter’s involvement in her life-threatening plan. On Friday, she told FOX6: You lied so many different lies, now you are going to lie more. It’s not going to help you. It’s not going to help your dad. “

Harris-Brazell’s sister GoFundMe To help families who have raised over $ 40,000. Her grandmother, Aida Lane, told FOX6, “Here we are trying to raise a self-sufficient, independent young woman. She was quickly taken away from us.”

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