Investors pile up on cash and tips from week to Wednesday: BofA

London — Investors invested $ 14.9 billion in cash and $ 1.8 billion in inflation in the week leading up to Wednesday as the market hit a big sellout, a BofA round-up of flow numbers based on EPFR data shown on Friday. We surged protected US Treasuries.

Bond markets have the lowest weekly inflows of $ 3.9 billion since March, investment grade securities are only $ 2.1 billion, and both high-yield and emerging market bonds are suffering from outflows, according to a BofA report.

Equities sucked in $ 13 billion, Japanese equities enjoyed the highest inflow since April 2019, with $ 4.3 billion and US equities $ 71 million, while European peers outflowed $ 1.3 billion. I suffered.

“The winners of’stagflation’in the late ’60s /’70s were real assets, real estate, commodities, volatility, cash and EM, all of which had their own anti-inflation. The losers were bonds, credits, equities, and technology, all of which ultimately struggled, “straegist Michael Hardnet said in a note to clients.

BofA also noted that central banks around the world have cut rates 999 times since the 2008 Lehman shock caused the global financial crisis.