Invoking an emergency law could cause “irreparable harm” to Canadian democracy, Kenny tells Trudeau.

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny wrote to Justin Trudeau to express his opposition to the government’s use of emergency law to deal with Ottawa protesters. ..

In a letter posted by Kenny On Twitter on February 18th He called for the federal government’s “meaningless” COVID-19 vaccine obligations and the abolition of travel restrictions imposed on truck drivers returning from the United States to Canada from January 15.

“Your government declared a public emergency on February 14, 2022, which is contrary to the intentions of Alberta and is appropriate with the state or as required by Article 25 of the Act. It was done without meaningful consultation, “writes Kenny.

“The failure of your government to consult properly, coupled with the serious overshoot of the order, will bring great disadvantages to Alberta and our country.”

Following Trudeau’s announcement, he will call that act, Kenny. Brought to social media He opposes that “all the legal means and operational resources needed to maintain order” already exist.

He repeated this point in his letter.

“Canadians and our economy must always be protected, but enforcing the law is very laborious and disproportionate to the problem, outside of our democratic norms. Agrees that the law must be enforced, but it can be done using existing enforcement tools without resorting to extreme measures of this kind. It should only be used under inadequate special circumstances, “he writes.

“This law is not intended to address local or containment issues. Your government will attempt to exacerbate the situation outside the hills of Parliament before enacting the law. I didn’t do anything. “

Kenny said the vaccination obligations for cross-border truck drivers “fired a very realistic frustration for some Canadians who faced greater employment difficulties during a pandemic, based on employment conditions. It just helped me to put it on. “

On Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and several federal ministers used the law, citing the need to address the economic implications and challenges of Canada’s democracy from protests in the country’s capital. We held a virtual press conference to defend. The blockade of the Canadian-US border crossing in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and BC is currently over.

Emergency legislation gives authorities additional authority to handle protests, including the ability to force trucks camp in downtown Ottawa to be removed by tow trucks.

Additional financial measures to reduce funding for protests include expanding money laundering prevention mechanisms to crowdfunding platforms and digital currencies, where banks are involved in protests with individual or corporate accounts. Can be frozen.

On February 17, Freeland announced that banks had already begun to freeze the accounts of some of the entities involved in the protests and blockages of truck drivers.

Kenny said in a letter that Alberta had successfully and peacefully settled the blockade at the Katz Border Crossing without exercising authority over these special acts.

“Power under the law can cause irreparable harm to Canadians and our democratic societies. Allowing arbitrary freezes on bank accounts based on the opinions expressed by people. Donations made for, or without the need for court orders, are undemocratic, disproportionate, and concentrated on authoritarians, “he wrote.

“There is a long-term impact from the decision to enact a law on Canadian social structure.”

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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