iOS 14.5 beta 6 will recalibrate the battery health of the iPhone 11 series

iPhone 11

iPhone 11

Earlier, Apple launched iOS 14.5 beta 6. One of the major changes is the launch of the iPhone 11 series.Recalibrate battery healthFunction. Prior to this, the device would falsely report the health of the battery, and some users have also received notifications of battery repair services. After the update, the system will recalibrate the battery health in the next few weeks. However, some devices may encounter problems that cannot be calibrated. For these users, Apple will replace the battery for free. As for users who have already paid for the battery replacement due to this problem, Apple will refund the corresponding fee. If the remaining warranty period of your iPhone 11 is not enough to complete the calibration, Apple will also extend the warranty period.

In addition, Apple also added two types of English Siri in iOS 14.5 beta 6.New voice, And make its voice more natural through the voice engine. At the same time, the new system will no longer preset Siri as a female voice, and users can choose by themselves when setting up for the first time. If all goes well, iOS 14.5 is expected to be launched later this spring, and now it seems that this should be a very important update.

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