iOS 14.5 is officially launched, allowing you to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch while wearing a mask

iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5

As promised today, Apple finally launched iOS 14.5 to bring a series of key new features. It is estimated that what everyone is most looking forward to is the ability to unlock the iPhone through the Apple Watch to temporarily solve the problem of being unable to unlock with Face ID because of wearing a mask. To use it, first unlock the Apple Watch on your wrist, then hold it close to the iPhone, and then look at the iPhone to unlock the iPhone (Apple Watch will vibrate at the same time to indicate successful unlocking). It should be noted that this new unlock feature needs to work with iPhone X or newer models, and Apple Watch Series 3 or newer models.

iOS 14.5 為 iPhone 帶來了令人興奮的全新&#x00529f ;能,包括:戴著口罩時使用 Apple Watch 解鎖 iPhone、更多種 Siri 聲線、新的私 隱控制、為情侶表情符號選&# x0053d6;適合的膚色等等。

iOS 14.5 brings exciting new features to the iPhone, including: unlocking the iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a mask, more Siri voices, new privacy controls, choosing a suitable skin tone for couple emojis, and more.

Another important update is that the dual 5G SIM card connection is finally open to all iPhone 12 series! Previously, only the 5G network in mainland China supported this function, but after I was in Hong Kong, I just updated the iPhone 12 Pro on my hand to iOS 14.5, and successfully activated the dual 5G SIM card connection. If you need it, please update it as soon as possible. (The purple iPhone 12 that just went on the market will be pre-loaded with iOS 14.5, so you can use the dual 5G connection immediately.)

Other new features include support for the newly sold AirTag and third-party Find My accessories, as well as the addition of a more natural Siri voice, more privacy controls, a redesigned Apple Podcasts program page and the “Reminders” Several new sorting options.

iOS 14.5 帶來令人興奮不已的更新, 現在用戶可為情侶親吻或情&# x004fb6;心形表情符號選擇不同膚色 。其他表情符號包括嘆氣的&# x004eba;面、頭暈轉轉眼、被煙遮着 的人面、燃燒的心、鬍鬚女&# x007b49;等。

iOS 14.5 brings an exciting update. Now users can choose different skin tones for couple kisses or couple heart emojis. Other emojis include sighing human faces, dizzy eyes, human faces covered by smoke, burning hearts, bearded women, etc.

Finally, friends who need more new emojis can take a look at the new skin tone options of the couple series emojis added in iOS 14.5, as well as sighing human faces, dizzy faces, human faces covered by smoke, burning hearts, Beard women and so on.

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