iOS 14.6 is online, adding support for paid podcast subscriptions and Apple Card Family

Apple iPhone

Mat Smith / Engadget

Apple today brought updates to many of its systems, including iOS 14.6 Just officially add support for paid podcast subscriptions, so that listeners can give money to podcast hosts you like, so that they can have more income. At the same time, the Apple Card, which is currently unique in the United States, has also added a family sharing function. The Apple Card Family can be delegated to up to five users aged 13 or above, who can use the Apple Card to spend together. Of course, the card owner can track Consumption records and restrictions are set.

In addition, the new accessory AirTag has also been updated. In the lost mode of iOS 14.6, in addition to leaving the phone, the owner also has more options for email to reduce the risk of personal phone leaks. At the same time, when AirTag is read by NFC, the owner’s phone number will also be partially obscured. Finally, there are some performance and security improvements, including corrections to Bluetooth devices that may be disconnected during a call, and Apple Watch to unlock iPhone may fail after being locked, etc.Two-sided iPadOS 14.6 Part of the above content will also be included.

macOS Big Sur 11.4 The updated content of the also added support for paid podcast subscriptions, and the Intel version of the machine will add support for AMD Navi RDNA2 architecture eGPU, including 6800, 6800XT and 6900XT.watchOS 7.5 The update is also to follow up with the new podcast function of iOS, Apple Card Family, and open ECG and heart rate irregularity reminder functions for users in Malaysia and Peru.

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