iOS 14.7.1 was launched urgently, system bugs were repaired, and Apple Watch unlocking problems were also fixed

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Mat Smith / Engadget

Just one week after iOS 14.7 went live, Apple urgently pushed the iOS 14.7.1 system update. According to Apple, this update of about 900MB fixes the problem that iPhone models equipped with Touch ID cannot use the “Unlock with iPhone” function to unlock the paired Apple Watch. But more importantly, this update also provides important security updates, which is recommended for all users.

according to 9to5Mac In apple’sSupporting documentsIt was found that they have fixed a system vulnerability that may be exploited. Hackers can allow the application to perform any action by obtaining priority permissions from the kernel.This problem is believed to also affect macOS, because Big Sur 11.5.1 It is also online today, and it is also recommended for all users to install.

In view of the security update content, so if you have time today, let’s update the device. If you don’t see the system notification, please go to “General” on the iPhone / iPad settings page, and then click “Software Update”. For macOS, you can click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and then click “Software Update”.

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