iOS 14.7 is online, bringing MagSafe external battery support to iPhone 12

iPhone magsafe battery pack

iPhone magsafe battery pack

Apple has launched the iOS 14.7 update earlier, and since iOS 15 is just around the corner, there is nothing too important about this update. The most important thing is to bring MagSafe external battery support for iPhone 12. This external battery came to the official website about a week ago, but at that time, it was said that it would have to wait for iOS 14.7 to go online before it can be used. Fortunately, the waiting time is not It’s too long.

In addition, now you can integrate two Apple Card cards into the same account, and share the maximum credit limit; and the Home app has the function of managing the timer on the HomePod. In Canada, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and other countries, you can now see air quality information in the weather and map apps, and there is also an additional filter option in Podcasts to only see the channels you follow. As usual, if you want to update, just go to “Settings> General> Software Update” to start it.

In addition to iOS, tvOS has also been synchronized to version 14.7, bringing some performance and stability improvements; while Apple Watch has added users in 30 countries and regions, and can use the ECG function after upgrading watchOS 7.6. However, China has not yet joined, so the difference for us is relatively small.

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