iOS 15 may add Find My support to AirPods Pro and Max


AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

Blessed are users who are afraid of losing AirPods!9to5Mac A part of the code was discovered in the latest iOS 15 beta a few days ago, suggesting that the system will add Find My support for at least the AirPods Pro and Max headsets. Specifically, the device will be bound to the user’s Apple ID, and Bluetooth will be used to determine the location of the headset during the search process. Even if it is not connected to the iPhone, users can theoretically find it on the Find My network.

However, it should be noted that at present, the two AirPods mentioned above will not have an activation lock like the iPhone. In other words, if someone manages to remove the headset from the Find My network after picking it up, the owner seems to have no better way to stop it.