iOS 15 will be launched on September 20


iOS 15


The new iPhone and the new iPad will be released simultaneously, of course, the iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 announced at WWDC in June.All three will be launched on September 20th before the launch of new products, but pay attention to the SharePlay function andControversial child safety-related featuresNeither will be provided at the beginning of the launch.

The main upgrade of iOS 15 is on FaceTime. Although SharePlay is missing, it still has spatial sound effects and enhanced noise reduction capabilities. Other features include more detailed settings for the notification system, and Live Text that scans the text in the camera’s viewfinder screen. iPadOS 15 has major changes. In addition to Widgets that can be placed anywhere on the homepage, Apple has also changed the operation of the multi-tasking system again. As for whether it can be more intuitive to use, you have to wait and play after the launch. I just found out. watchOS is the least changed of the three, that is, it strengthens the existing breathing app, adds new interactive effects, and introduces a “mindfulness training app”-it is divided into two parts, contemplation and breathing, which can help The user regained his peace in the chaos.