Iowa duo denies Molly Tibbetts involvement in death

Iowa City, Iowa (AP) — Two childhood friends nominated by a defense lawyer As an alternative suspect In the murder of a student at the University of Iowa, Molly Tibbetts said on Friday that they had nothing to do with crime.

Christian Bahena Rivera’s lawyer, convicted of murdering Tibet, has nominated Gavin Jones and Dalton Hansen to be responsible for Tibet’s 2018 stab in a court filing this week.

they Made that claim Jones said Jones and Hansen had killed Tibet after prisoner Arne Maki came out earlier in May and Jones was kidnapped and temporarily detained in a house used for sexual trafficking. Stated. Jones’ former girlfriend said he went forward independently on the same day and Jones, 21, also told her he had killed Tibet.

The prosecutor said in court Thursday: There is evidence of “zero” There is no doubt that Bahena Rivera killed Tibet, proving Jones’ confession allegations.

Jones and Hansen, who were separately telephoned by the Associated Press on Friday, said they were not involved in the disappearance of Tibet or her violent death from her hometown of Brooklyn, about 50 miles (80 km) west of Iowa City. Stated. They said they hadn’t talked to the investigators, but were eager to do so to reveal their name.

“The cops aren’t talking to me. No one is talking to me. You’re the first person to call me,” said Jones of Oskaloosa. “I wasn’t involved in anything. I have everything with Alivis. I’m just waiting for someone to come talk to me.”

He ended the interview without answering whether he had previously spoken about Tibetan death.

Cigarney’s 24-year-old Hansen said the allegations that he was involved in Tibetan death were “crazy” and are beginning to spread online.

“I don’t know why my name grew up with this,” Hansen said.

The jury convicted Bahena Rivera in May after a two-week trial. Meanwhile, prosecutors claimed that a 27-year-old farmer approached Tibet by stalking while on an evening run. They said he killed her after she threatened to call the police and dumped her body in the cornfield.

Bahena Rivera claimed in court testimony that two masked men broke into the trailer and pointed their guns at them to drive them. He said they came across Tibet, and one of them stabbed her to death and loaded her body into the trunk of his car before instructing him to dispose of it.

Maki and Jones’ former girlfriend went forward later that day and told authorities about alleged Jones confessions.

Defenders argue that their testimony may have changed the conviction, and Judge Joel Yates postpones Bahena Rivera’s decision while considering whether to order a new trial. I agreed.

On Friday, Yeats denied the defense’s request to order prosecutors to submit information about previous sex trafficking investigations in the area, saying it was “just a fishing expedition.”

Hansen said he and Jones grew up together in the small town of Cigarney and had been friends until about two years ago. He said he, like Jones, was being held in Kiokaku County Jail at the same time as Maki, but didn’t know him well.

Neither Hansen nor Jones said they had heard of a 50-year-old man who suggested that the defense lawyer may have been involved in the case.

Bahena Rivera’s lawyer, Chad Freeze, said he was not surprised by the denial and said Jones and Hansen had criminal records, including other violent crimes.

“I’m not saying they got up and did it,” he said.