Iowa girl murder suspect was released on parole a few weeks ago

Iowa City, Iowa (AP) —Iowa granted recidivists early release from prison months before the suspect. Kidnapped and killed A 10-year-old girl, according to a parole document released on Tuesday.

The Iowa Parole Commission granted Henry Dinkins parole from Davenport’s minimum security housing in March 2020, saying he was “happy to meet the legal obligations to protect citizens.” I decided.

“There is a good chance that we will be released without harming our community or ourselves,” according to the Parole order signed by Chairman Helen Miller, obtained by the Associated Press under the Public Recording Act.

Within four months of being released on parole, Dinkins Registered sex offender He kidnapped Blaircia Terrell from a Davenport apartment complex, which is said to have a history of violent and reckless behavior, shot her dead, and hid her body in the countryside of eastern Iowa.

When he was given parole, 48-year-old Dinkins was awaiting a felony trial in Illinois for possession of methamphetamine and amphetamine for delivery due to a traffic outage in April 2019. It is unclear if the Iowa authorities have considered it.

Blairia is the half-sister of Dinkins’ son, and investigators say both children were spending the night with him in the apartment where he lived with his girlfriend.Girl’s July disappearance Prompt for a month-end search that ended in March found by two people fishing near Dewitt Her body In the pond.

Dinkins has been charged with primary murder and kidnapping, each with lifelong potential. His representative public defender did not immediately return a telephone message asking for comment. Dinkins will be prosecuted next month.

The Iowa Parole Commission records in detail his criminal record and some generosity he wants to receive along the way, even when Dinkins commits a crime after the crime.

He has been in and out of prisons and correction programs since 1990, when he was convicted of three sexual abuses of his child at the age of 17 and had to be registered as a sex offender. He has been arrested and cited dozens of times on charges of violating sex-criminal registration requirements, assaulting while showing dangerous weapons, domestic violence, drug possession, theft and escape. The 2009 murder charges were withdrawn after police said he was a witness rather than a murderer.

His recent return to prison was allegedly cracked and crashed into Davenport’s yard as he tried to escape police after his arrest in March 2019. After crashing a car with cocaine, police officers used stun guns and pepper spray to crush him in 2014. In 2011, he allegedly caused an accident involving multiple semi-trailers and cars when he was drunk and drove Interstate 80 in the wrong direction. In another incident of the year, he drove a residential area where children were playing at 90 mph (145 km / h), after which the SUV engine exploded.

A few days after OWI in March 2019, he was arrested in Bureau County, Illinois for possessing over 900 grams of methamphetamine and over 200 grams of amphetamine. He was released from prison after investing a $ 100,000 deposit.

Judge Joel Burrows sentenced Dinkins to up to five years in prison for OWI in October 2019 and banned him from driving for six years. Records show that Dinkins worked 60 days before being transferred to the lowest security Davenport housing facility.

There, he completed a four-month substance abuse treatment program and “secured full-time employment,” records show. Conservation observers recommended release by April 6, 2020, after which the release date was raised to March 19. Miller approved both requests and ended a ruling that was expected to last until January 2022.

Waylyn McCulloh, director of the 7th Judicial District Correctional Services Department in Davenport, said the processing of his decision was a “standard process” for repetitive OWI criminals, and the coronavirus pandemic did not affect the release decision. Said it seems. But he said the case was complicated by an unresolved Illinois accusation.

According to records, Dinkins appeared in court in Illinois on July 8, 2020, and attended the meeting before the trial day on July 27. Breasia disappeared after 2 days.

“It’s a terrifying situation and a terrifying crime,” McCullough said. “But of course, you have to keep in mind that he hasn’t been convicted yet.”

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