iPhone 14 is reported to be a “completely redesigned” product


iPhone 13

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 series is only worthy of being on the shelf, and various sources can’t wait to “leak” the next generation of models.The first is from Bloomberg What Mark Gurman said, Saying that the iPhone 14 will be a “completely redesigned” product, the first major change since the iPhone X in 2017. Gurman didn’t elaborate on what the so-called “complete redesign” has changed, but if there are any elements inherited from the iPhone X all the way, it should be the conspicuous bangs.

On the other hand, famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is more direct. Recently, he said that Apple will remove the bangs screen in the 2022 model and replace it with a punch screen on the iPhone 14 Pro, similar to many existing Android models. .And by Concept rendering from YouTuber Jon Prosser, It is a composite of many past Apple products, including the metal frame of the iPhone 4, the screen with no bangs but rounded corners, and the modern lens configuration that does not protrude behind the back of the machine.

Other rumors include that the iPhone 14 generation may remove the “mini” model, and the under-screen fingerprint recognition that has been talked about for a long time. However, I originally thought that the 2021 model (iPhone 13) was most likely to introduce fingerprint recognition under the screen due to the impact of the epidemic. In the end, there was no following. Whether it will appear in the 2022 model, it should be a bigger unknown.

In any case, the new generation of iPhone is still a year later. Although Apple must have already started relevant planning, there is still time for Apple to make further changes to the design before it is published. It can only be said that after the iPhone 13 generation with a very small difference in appearance, everyone’s consensus is that the iPhone 14 will be the generation that has undergone major changes in appearance.