Iran has succeeded in producing 60% enriched uranium, officials say


President Hassan Rouhani of Iran. Getty Images

  • Iranian officials say the country has succeeded in enriching uranium to 60%.

  • This is the highest level of enrichment ever.

  • Iran has not so far enriched more than 20% of uranium, 90% at the weapons grade level.

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Iran has been successful in producing 60% enriched uranium so far, the highest enriched level ever, officials say.

Speaker of the House Mohammad Calibuff tweeted on Friday morning: [local time] … Iranian scientists were able to produce 60% enriched uranium, “Reuters said.

Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s nuclear organization, also said enrichment had begun at the country’s Natanz nuclear power plant.

“We produce about 9 grams of 60% enriched uranium per hour,” Reuters said. “But we need to work on preparations to drop it to 5 grams per hour.”

The announcement comes days after the attack on the Natanz factory, where Iran accused Israel. Israel does not claim responsibility. Iran said Thursday that it would begin enriching uranium to a purity of 60% after the attack.

As insider John Holtivanger previously reported, Iran has never enriched more than 20% uranium..

90% enriched uranium is at the weapon level, 2015 nuclear agreement Set the uranium enrichment limit to 3.67%.

Iran’s uranium enrichment could complicate negotiations between Iran and the United States on the resurgence of a nuclear deal.

Experts say the attack on nuclear facilities was part of Israel’s efforts to undermine the move to revive the deal.

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