Iran promises to work with the United Nations on oversight of nuclear program

Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reached an agreement on Sunday allowing UN surveillance groups to update their cameras at Iran’s nuclear site. according to In a joint statement.

A statement from the IAEA stated that both sides “decided to maintain mutual interactions and meetings at an appropriate level,” and UN officials said, “In the near future, we will visit Tehran and go high with the Islamic Republic government. We will hold level discussions. ” Iran aims to strengthen cooperation between Iran and the IAEA in various areas and discuss current issues of mutual interest. “

UN nuclear inspectors can now maintain recording equipment and “exchange their storage media,” the statement said.

Mohammad Eslami, an employee of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency in Iran, made a similar announcement after a meeting with IAEA Executive Secretary Rafael Grossi in Tehran on Sunday.

“We have experienced a major, major disruption of communication with Iran. Of course, we can afford it because it has so many important issues that we have to solve. No, “Grosi told reporters about his return from Tehran. “And I think it has been resolved.”

“Once an agreement is reached at the JCPOA level, the reconstruction and integration of jigsaw puzzles will be possible,” he said, referring to talks between Iran and the world’s major powers to revive the 2015 agreement. .. “But at that point, we had all this information and there were no gaps.”

Tehran holds all records on its site as negotiations between the United States and Iran to return to the 2015 nuclear deal are stalled in Vienna. On the other hand, Iran is currently concentrating a small amount of uranium to the level closest to the weapon-grade purity as its stockpile continues to grow.

Tehran had previously threatened to destroy a copy of an old recording at a national nuclear facility. It is not clear whether Iran will hand them over, as previously requested by UN officials.

“The memory card is sealed and stored in Iran according to the routine,” Eslami said. report Associated Press. A new memory card will be installed in the camera. This is a routine and natural trend in government surveillance systems. “

The United States withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal mediated by the Obama administration in 2018 under the Trump administration. Since then, the Iranian administration has frequently violated the restrictions imposed on its nuclear program.

Grossi’s one-day visit to Tehran was the first since Iran’s President Rafael Grossi came to power in August.

AP contributed to this report.

Jack phillips

Jack phillips

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