Iranian prosecutor says 10 people were charged with shooting down a Ukrainian plane

The prosecution announced on Tuesday that Tehran had begun indirect negotiations with the West over the collapse of nuclear trade with world powers.

Of the 176 victims, more than 100 (at least one was pregnant) were associated with Canada and 55 were Canadians.

Iran faced international criticism last month that it released a final report on the shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines flight number PS752, which accused it of human error, but did not appoint anyone responsible for the case. After doing.

Tehran’s military prosecutor Goramabas Turki also avoided appointing a responsible person when he handed over his office to Nacelle Seraji when he issued his indictment on Tuesday. Both the semi-official ISNA news agency and the Iranian judicial Mizan news agency reported his remarks.

“The Ukrainian plane case was also prosecuted, a serious and accurate investigation was conducted, and 10 people who were negligent were prosecuted,” Mizan said without giving details, citing Turki. ..

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File – This January 11, 2020 file photo brings people to Candlelight Vigil at the gates of Amrika Beer University in Tehran, Iran, to remember the victims of a Ukrainian plane crash. Iranian media quotes Tehran’s retired military prosecutor as saying that 10 officials were indicted in the 2020 downfall of a Ukrainian airliner. (AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi, file)

After being rejected for three days in January 2020 in the face of increased evidence, Iran finally admitted that the paramilitary Revolutionary Guard Corps had accidentally shot down a Ukrainian jet airliner with two surface-to-air missiles. .. In a preliminary report on the disaster last year, Iranian officials accused air defense operators of mistaken the Boeing 737-800 for an American cruise missile.

Last month, Canada’s Japan Transport Safety Board said it could not answer important questions because Iranian authorities could not provide evidence that Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 was accidentally shot down and the Iranian army effectively investigated it. ..

The administration’s civil aviation agency has released a final report condemning the “human error” of two surface-to-air missiles launched by jet airliners minutes after taking off from Teheran on January 8, last year.

The Government of Canada rejected the report altogether as “incomplete” and lacking “certain facts and evidence.”

The shooting down took place the same day that Iran launched a ballistic missile attack on Iraqi US troops in retaliation for the US drone strike that killed Iran’s top general. Guard officials have publicly apologized for the incident, but Iran’s hesitation to elaborate on what happened in the incident shows the power the military can use.

After the release of Iran’s final report, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba accused the findings of “an ironic attempt to hide the true cause of airliner downs.” He accused Iran of conducting a “biased” investigation into the disaster, resulting in “deceptive” conclusions.

Many during the flight planned to connect to Kiev, Ukraine, and fly to Canada, which has a large population in Iran. Canada’s Foreign Minister and Transport Minister also criticized “there are no solid facts or evidence” and “will not answer critical questions about what really happened.”

The announcement will be made just hours before Iran and the five remaining world powers in its atomic agreement meet in Vienna, where the United States will begin indirect negotiations with Tehran.

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