Iran’s president warns that weapons-grade enrichment is possible

Tehran, Iran (AP) —Iran’s retired president wanted to save a tattered nuclear deal with world powers on Wednesday, but warned that his country could enrich uranium at the weapons-grade level if he chose. did.

President Hassan Rouhani’s comments, reported by the state-run IRNA press, said Iran’s broader theocracy did not allow his government to reach an immediate agreement to restore the 2015 atomic agreement. I came when I criticized.

Rouhani’s power diminished as the people afflicted his government while the economy was suffering under US sanctions. However, his remarks indicate that Iran may take a more militant approach to the West as hardline president-elect Ebrahim Raisi is scheduled to take office next month.

At the Cabinet meeting, Rouhani made 90% remarks. This is a rare moment he suggests that Tehran can take that approach.

According to IRNA, “If one day you need to concentrate 90% of the reactor, it’s okay and possible,” Rouhani said. “We can do anything on a peaceful road.”

The 2015 nuclear deal, which Iran received relief from these catastrophic sanctions, restricted Tehran’s programs to enrich only up to 3.67%. This is enough to power a private nuclear reactor. Today, small amounts of uranium are enriched by up to 60%, a short step from the weapons-grade level.

Rouhani also complained that his relatively moderate government-outside hardliners hampered efforts to reach an agreement in Vienna. For months, negotiators have sought a way for Iran to return to its trading limits and for the United States to rejoin the deal that then President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew.

A new round of Vienna negotiations is not yet planned.

Rouhani said he hopes the Raisi administration will “be able to get the job done.”

“It makes no difference whether the current administration or the next one will succeed, but I’m very sorry that we lost nearly six months of opportunity,” he said.

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