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That’s why Southern Progressive doesn’t move elsewhere

Congressman Sarah D. Davis / Getty Georgia not only summoned Jim Crow from a shallow grave in recent voting restraints, but also planted dangerous ideas. As expected, Florida and Alabama have begun to cast spells to revive their black-feathered zombies. Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas are also poised to challenge disfranchisement, not knowing or defying the April 9th ​​anniversary of the Confederate surrender. Southern progressives have been humiliated, but not surprisingly. We owe it to the roots of southern culture in white supremacism and feudalism. We shake our heads to the shameful Lost Cause Rhapsody. The traitor Old South is often too romantic for tourist attractions. Shelby vs. Holder, a 2013 Supreme Court ruling that eradicated the Voting Rights Act, foretold these unfolding changes. The only surprise was that it took nearly a decade for it to happen. Sadly, we recognize that yoga is outlawed in public schools in Alabama because of its “religious connection” with Hinduism. We are worried when flashy Christianity is poured into everything like ketchup. We regret that legislators are rushing to downplay transgender youth, despite being warned by medical professionals about possible harm. Toxic industries have been drawn here by publicly funded giveaways from state and local governments. We use large coal ash dumps in Alabama, deadly radioactive waste reservoirs that threaten wilderness and residential poison zones, or polluted water that penetrates Central Florida from reservoirs to Tampa Bay. I am wary of. , Baby, Drill ”was even more embarrassed after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill polluted the Gulf, but their oblivion attitude remained unchanged. Annoying for us. The answer is difficult, especially if you are in a cultural predicament. Still, we’re staying here, even though we feel like we’re in jeopardy. Some of us are plagued by family obligations, few opportunities, financial restrictions, or medical factors. Others remain due to mild climates, slow paces, low living costs, or comfortable friendliness. So where is your hope? How is the country cooperating with the unmanageable towards a “more perfect coalition”? Inspiration may be found in our best, to the Southerners, who share empathy and tenderness in different shades and sizes. Her fight for broad empowerment boosted her success in the elections and enacted a new controversial voting bill that scared old state guards. The work of his life has revealed the de facto inhumanity of modern-day slavery. Much more people are quiet, yet effective. Like Chris and Karenbrock, the married duo of Presbyterian ministers in Mobile, Alabama, turned their church into a community-oriented, multipurpose facility. They provide artists with studios, conferences and event spaces for nonprofits, trigger public debate on social inequality and manage one of the region’s largest food banks. Staff liken it to a Third World locale. He raised tens of thousands of dollars to ignite college programs for improving school construction, securing grants, securing and training local teachers, and sought help for those who couldn’t do it themselves nationwide. Traveled. These active progressives on the last slave ship of the American cancerous heritage for the kidnapped African offspring that arrived remain because they are most needed here. They are enjoying the challenge. Southern progressives also warn of how criticized Southerners can double their stubbornness. Resistance affects delusions about “outside agitators” that are set to “destroy their way of life.” Georgian politicians show that and surround the rejection of businesses and sports. Same as the 20th century. Before the FDR New Deal brings better work and modern equipment. Before civil rights or voting rights stop legitimate discrimination, the South needs more than just slander. Concerns beyond contempt and generosity can be coercive. It loosens the grip of curious and isolated fear-based politics. Indeed, the South feels like concrete shoes at the feet of the country. I understand. The political and cultural Sicifiian trend in the South is methamphetamine movement conservatism. But if you want to change the South and free the country, you need to flea concrete shoes instead of shin bone saws. Let’s build a bridge. Find a way to help. There are many people here that are worth the savings. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.