Irish police investigate after two men bring their bodies to the post office to claim a pension

Police are investigating allegations that the body of an old man was taken to a post office in southeastern Ireland for a pension on Friday.

A Garda (Irish police) spokesman confirmed the investigation and said an autopsy would take place.

The deceased, identified by local newspapers as Peeder Doyle in the 1960s or 1970s, was supported by two men who took him to Hozy’s (a corner store with a post office) in the town of Carlow. It was seen that it was being done.

by Daily starOne of the men went to the post office early around 11:30 am and claimed a weekly pension, but was told that the pensioner himself had to be present. He then returned with two men, one of whom “looked supportive.”

The Irish mirror One of the men reported to the staff that the older man was okay and would “take him to the hospital” if he got the money.

Police were reportedly warned that “an unconscious man was being taken to the post office,” where police and ambulances “discovered the man dead.”

A Garda spokesman said police officers were investigating all the circumstances surrounding the unexplained death of an elderly man in the Karlow area on Friday morning.

“The service of the Garda Technical Department and the office of a state pathologist was requested,” said a spokesman.

“Autopsy is performed by the office of a state pathologist, and the results determine the course of the investigation.”

Police did not release any further information.

Mayor Karlow Ken Murnan said the local community was absolutely shocked by the report.

“The whole town is shocked and it’s possible that everyone is actually thinking about it. It’s incredible,” he told PA News Agency.

“It’s daunting that everyone can do that, it’s a belief. It’s like a Hitchcock movie.”

PA contributed to this report.

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