Irish reporter asks Trump why he’s playing golf in Ireland instead of attending New York City civil rape trial


Donald Trump was confronted Wednesday by an Irish reporter with questions about why he chose to play golf on Emerald Island instead of attending the bombshell rape in New York City.

and Video posted on Twitter As Trump arrived in County Clare on Ireland’s west coast, where he owns a golf course, reporters asked the former president about the civil rape case against E. Gene Carroll.

“Because we have a longstanding agreement to come here. We have had a wonderful welcome. A wonderful welcome. The people of Ireland are wonderful. [had] It’s been a tremendous success,” Trump said in a video shared by Virgin Media.

“But doesn’t that show disrespect to the court?” one reporter asked in response, prompting Trump to walk away.

Meanwhile, in New York, the former president’s attorney tells the judge presiding over Carroll’s sexual conduct and defamation lawsuit, not file a lawsuit against the defense.

Trump’s defense team included him and a psychiatrist on the witness list. But on Wednesday they said doctors could no longer do it, and a judge told jurors the case could be filed early next week, Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina said on Monday. He said he would not appear in court.

The jury hears testimony from Carol, two other women Trump has accused them of sexually assaulting them in random attacks and disrespecting their appearance when they came forward.

Although he is missing, the panel has seen Trump in media interviews and footage from campaign rallies. Late Wednesday, Carroll’s lawyers infamouslyAccess to HollywoodIn the tape, Trump boasted about sexually abusing women.