Is it legal?Some Myrtle Beach restaurants now retain IDs during meals

Some restaurants on Myrtle Beach along Ocean Avenue require you to hold your credit card and driver’s license or other identification before you can sit down and eat.

According to General Manager Dave Goodbread, a restaurant, RipTydz Rooftop Grille & Bar, implemented this policy earlier this year.

Lori Ferrero, who was visiting from Myrtle Beach, said he left the restaurant after staff told him he needed to hold his ID and credit card while he was seated. She posted on Facebook and she got hundreds of likes and shares with many who agreed with it. There is a problem with retaining the ID.

“I understand their reason, but if the customer has cash, they don’t have to give your driver’s license and credit card to hold it,” Ferrero said. “Too many frauds and theft of personal information.”

Another restaurant, Beach House Bar and Grill, applies this policy during the summer season to prevent people from eating or dashing.

“There is a big problem with many people walking on the tabs during the summer,” said manager Cameron Van Buren. “If they are not happy with that option, there is a” pay-as-you-go “option. It’s like just ordering, picking up a drink and paying for it as soon as you get it. “

There is no law prohibiting this type of policy, but different credit card companies have different rules regarding merchants that require an ID at the time of purchase.

Visa does not allow identity requirements

Merchant is allowed Request ID However, you cannot require it as a condition of accepting your Visa card. The exception to this rule is when Visa grants merchants permission to request an ID for fraud control under certain circumstances in accordance with the Visa rules listed online.

Mastercard does not allow identity requirements unless required

Merchants can request, but not Needs additional identification As a condition of purchase, unless you need information such as shipping, in accordance with the rules listed online.

American Express allows you to request an ID with an unsigned card

Merchant can ID required When an unsigned card is presented. The merchant is supposed to ask the customer to sign the card and provide a form of identification to match the signature.

Presenting your ID and credit card puts your personal information at risk. If the seller refuses to pick up your card without presenting your ID, you can call the number on the back of your card to warn your credit card company. If you do not plan to provide your ID, we recommend that you sign your credit card, according to Personal loan Website.