Is it safe for children to attend summer camps during the COVID period?What the health authorities say

Over the past year, many children have been trapped in their homes and have been unable to participate in some of their childhood joy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But within a few months there may be amnesty for both children and parents — summer camps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics released guidance on how to run camps safely this summer.

“The pandemic shuts down many of its important socializations and activities, and parents probably want to send them. Children to summer camp As a result, they can regain some degree of normality, “said Dr. Saraboard, a member of the AAP School Health Council. “If the camp strictly adheres to safety protocols, this can be a safe option.”

How to do a summer camp safely

The CDC encourages camp managers to teach and strengthen Wearing a camper mask To maintain a proper supply of soap, tissue, hand sanitizers, and no-touch trash cans.

The CDC advises that camp staff need to frequently clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and limit the use of shared objects such as art supplies, toys, and games. The belongings of each camper must be kept separate from others.

According to the CDC, campers should bring their own meals if possible and eat in separate or small spaces, as opposed to traditional communal dining halls and cafeterias in camps. If you serve food, you should put it in a pre-packaged box or bag, not a buffet.

It is advisable to stay at a social distance, but AAP states that it “may be difficult” to maintain.

“Guidance is intended to be reduced, but it cannot be ruled out. Possibility of COVID-19 At the camp, “AAP said in the guidance. “Camping is a difficult social / physical distance environment, and especially in collective environments, COVID-19 and other common pathogens can occur in children.”

According to the CDC, camp managers not only consider providing protection to high-risk staff and campers with COVID-19, but also group only small groups and stagger arrival and disembarkation times to limit contact. You can also consider doing it.

Health officials added a physical barrier between the bathroom sink and bed in the night camp, regularly disinfected the bathroom, set up an isolation room if there were symptoms like COVID, and someone We encourage you to develop procedures in case you get sick.

“Recognizing that the camp setting is not without COVID-19 cases, camp operators work with local public health authorities to recommend camp exclusions, quarantine, and contact tracing. We need to properly manage the implementation of the process, “says AAP.

Therefore, the AAP encourages parents to do their homework and find out which protocol the camp follows before enrolling their child.

What do other people say?

Dr. Anthony Fauci estimates that elementary school students will not be vaccinated until early 2022, but infectious disease experts say it is “possible” for children to attend this year’s summer camp. It was.

“If we enter the summer and you have a significant proportion Vaccinated population The level of the community is below that plateau and I’m worried about the public health of myself and my colleagues, so during the summer I think there’s a lot of flexibility, whether it’s kids or something like camping. ” Mr Forch said on Sunday. About “Face the Nation” “I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s an ambitious goal we should aim for.”

If the camp manager follows safety recommendations Benefits of summer camp Dr. Michael Petroski, a Pennsylvania pediatrician, told KDKA.

“If schools can do the same throughout the year, I think summer camps can do the same, if not more,” he said.

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