Is it time to cancel Pope Francis?


The death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Cardinal George Pell within 11 days has put Pope Francis’ legacy in the spotlight.

Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope to stem the trend of alienation of believers from the Church, clean up church finances, and settle sexual abuse scandals, especially in South America. However, in these and many other respects, Francis’ papacy was a series of failures.

They are, Demo document (Greek for Man)—a Statement by Pell About the state of the Church, reported by the Cardinals. In it, Francis’ papacy is described as “devastating”.

In South America, the expansion of Protestantism is getting bigger and bigger. But Pope Francis never returned to his native Argentina. why?

La Nationthe largest daily newspaper in Argentina, 2019 report Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio at the time was active in protecting convicted pedophile priests and promoting those who covered up past priestly abuses.

Among them were seven priests (including three of Zanchetta’s diocesans) who formally accused him of financial mismanagement, authoritarianism, and sexual misconduct in 2017, despite the apostolic Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, who was appointed to the Trustees of the Public Estates.last year’s zanchetta Convicted of sexually abusing two seminarians.

In terms of the Vatican’s global influence, this has become negligible, the document notes.

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In this photo taken on September 11, 2020, former Bishop of Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zeng prays in the chapel of his Hong Kong residence. (Isaac Lawrence/AFP via Getty Images)

Venezuela, Nicaragua, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been grave human rights failures. Under the Vatican’s secret pact with China, “there was no public support for the loyal Catholics of China, who for more than 70 years have been intermittently persecuted for their loyalty to the Pope.”

When Cardinal Joseph Zeng, the former bishop of Hong Kong, flew to Rome to discuss the matter with the Vatican, Pope Francis refused to meet him. He refused to meet with the Dalai Lama and did not speak out against the persecution of Uyghurs.

As far as financial matters are concerned, Demos’ statement pointed out that the church’s financial situation is dire. After a deficit of about €20 million (US$22 million) a year in the decade before COVID, which was reaching €30-25 million a year, the Vatican says that in 2030 he will have an €800 million pension. We are facing a fund deficit.

As Rome’s economic secretary, Pell was thwarted in his efforts to clean up church finances by Cardinal Angelo Betsch, deputy of Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin, who oversaw the aforementioned Vatican agreement with Beijing.

Becciu is currently the subject of the “trial of the century”, including a case of alleged financial misconduct in the Vatican.

steeped in neo-Marxism

Cardinal Pell’s scathing Spectator article, published the day after his death, tells of the next October Synod’s “toxic nightmare” on Synodality.

The Synod texts, “covered in neo-Marxist jargon” and “against the apostolic tradition,” make no mention of the basic mission of the Church.

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20). ).

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Pope Benedict XVI shakes hands with Cardinal George Pell at the final Mass at the Southern Cross during World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, July 20, 2008. (World Youth Day via Getty Images)

In a lecture at Campion College last August, Pell said he was “concerned with the redistribution of power and has little to do with the preaching of the Gospel and the threat of decline.”

The Synod highlights the failure of the “Aggornamento” (renewal) experiment in the Church since the late 1960s. teaching job.

However, these areas of the Church have come under constant attack by Pope Francis, especially regarding its crackdown on the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass.

Rather than being a source of “discord” within the church, its broader celebrations are often absent from the traditional liturgy, in the cohesive indigenous liturgy offered in most parishes. It has made it possible for those who find a sense of sanctity to stick with the church. church.

Cardinal Pell saw it as “fair judgment” for the faithful.

The Pope-elect must understand that “the secret of Christianity and Catholic vitality comes from fidelity to the teachings of Christ… It does not come from adapting to the world or from money,” Demos said. rice field.

Jesus said to his disciples at the Last Supper (St. John 15:18-20). The world hates you because you are not of the world and I have chosen you out of it. ”

Papa Bergoglio has time to tell the nuns that they should “fight” sexism within the church, as he posted on Twitter, but he has not spoken out about the persecution of millions of believers and has left tradition behind. aggressively addressing the marginalization of Catholics and facing the scourge of sexual abuse by seemingly reckless clergy.

Is it time to cancel Pope Francis?

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