Is Ohio trying to choose a fight? Why “edgy” red signs have appeared nationwide

Bright red signs have appeared in major cities on the east and west coasts, providing criticism in bold white letters towards Texas south. Some may describe them as timid and clever, and each has a very direct point.

“Live in a place where you can actually save money for a rainy day.” Seattle sign was declaredGeekwire reported.

“Keep Austin strange. I like it very much. High living expenses Read another article in Texas, according to San Antonio Express-News.

In a more recent example, “If you’re always working, 300 days of sunlight doesn’t matter,” the outlet reported.

Next to these statements is the criminal’s name — Ohio and the web address. ..

Those who have seen the signs, or who are learning about them now, may be wondering. What is the “back eye condition” that can be obtained with these signs? What is a back eye, and do I care enough to google it? Where is Ohio?

State — somewhere in the Midwest — People want to move there, And the signs are all part of the plot, reports. And with a lot of motivation and freedom, the opportunity to bring in new Ohio people has never been better since the COVID-19 pandemic started working from home for millions of people.

Jobs OhioThe state-funded economic development group behind the billboard campaign said on its website that the coast was once “where it should be … but living expenses and business execution and population issues look for other options for citizens. Is influencing. “

Ohio is aiming not only to attract more people and workers, but also to open courts for businesses, the outlet reports.

Following the link to, one of the first things advertised on the website is a 0% corporate income tax.

So what is the solution to these problems?Moving to Ohio, the state-funded group says

At the very least, the campaign attracted people’s attention and stimulated online conversations, reported.

“That’s why we really do that,” Jobs Ohio spokesman Matt Englehart told the outlet. “We’re excited to talk about it … the purpose is to get attention. It’s designed to have some fun while we’re a bit edgy. I am. “

Although “edgy” is a relative term, Jobs Ohio wasn’t afraid to touch size, which is the most sensitive and most sacred topic for the Texans.

“Everything is big in Texas except your home,” another Austin sign read, the outlet reported.

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