Is the blue state also a “racist”?

At a Senate hearing on Tuesday, a Republican senator asked whether the state law of the Democratic-controlled state was “racist” and whether her own 2018 governor’s election was “stolen.” I asked her a question.

Abrams has been an electoral advocate since failing to run for Governor of Georgia, allegedly helping organize voters in the state to promote President Joe Biden to the White House.She testified to insist on passing A radical federal overhaul of the US voting system It is being promoted by the Democratic Party.

She has led national criticism of recently enacted Georgia law that imposes new restrictions on voting in the state.

Republican Senator John Cornyn said, “Georgia has no excuse for absentee ballots in its law.” “There is no excuse absentee ballot in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York. Is there a racist ballot in Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York?”

Abrams believed that these five states were “behind the eight-ball,” and said the law should be changed by federal law. Senator Texas again pushed Abrams into the state, accusing her of “filibusting” his question. Twice he asked her if her voter ID was racist.

She said Georgia law is at stake because it “targeted” the color community by changing its long-standing postal voting policy only after color voters accepted it in recent years. answered. She also said that the non-strict voter ID requirements were okay.

“Intention is always important, Sir, and that’s the point of this conversation,” she said. “That’s the point of Jim Crow’s story. Jim Crow didn’t just look at the activity, he saw the intention. It looked at the behavior and targeted the behavior that was disproportionately used by people of color. “

Konin’s question is explaining more and more Common discussions from RepublicansGeorgia has been unfairly criticized, but says states that are dominated by Democrats under restrictive law are ignored. Many of those states began rolling back their laws while states like Georgia were trying to enact them.

Sparring suspends four-hour hearing on voting featuring Democratic voting bill supporters, Abrams, the founder of the voting rights group Fair Fight, and Sherilyn Ifil, chairman of the NAACP Legal Defense Education Fund. Did.

Many Republicans spent time talking about voter IDs. Poll Widely popular with voters, cross-examine Abrams.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, quoted Abrams’ own comments on the 2018 Georgia Governor’s election. Due to voter oppression.

“Yes, or no, do you still claim that the 2018 elections were stolen today?” Cruz asked her.

“As I always say, I first admitted that Brian Kemp won under the rules that came into force,” she said cautiously. “I objected to a rule that allowed thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation. In this election, to get their votes cast. Until amended. I don’t agree with the system. “

“I don’t know what they did because not all qualified Georgians were allowed to fully participate in the election,” Abrams said under pressure again.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton asked Abrams if he regretted what he described as a “central role” in the Major League. Decided to move the All-Star game from Georgia.

Abrams said he didn’t encourage MLB to run the game.

“It’s true that MLB regrets the decision to remove the game from Cobb County and its economic impact on Georgians, but it stops this kind of bad behavior, this kind of racial anima. I support those who fight to do so, because this kind of voter oppression occurs in Georgia and elsewhere in the country, “she said. “For me, one day the game isn’t worth losing our democracy.”

Republican Senator John Kennedy, along with at least three colleagues, asked Abrams for his views on voter IDs and asked Abrams whether he prefers election days or “election months.”

“We think it’s better to have a process that gives every American the opportunity to participate in elections,” she said.

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