Is the end of the COVID pandemic coming soon?Fauci urges Americans to “hang there”

Millions of Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19 daily. Experts agree that overcoming the pandemic is the country’s best strategy. And it’s working.

Infectious diseases, hospitalizations and deaths have plummeted in adults aged 65 and over who have been prioritized for vaccination since late December.According to a recent report, new COVID-19 cases of nursing home residents 96% decrease From the end of last year.

However, Dr. Rochelle Warrensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the White House’s COVID-19 that unvaccinated young people are bending downwards and bending more promising trends upwards. .. briefing..

To MichiganFor example, COVID-19 hospitalizations for people in their thirties have skyrocketed by 633% since March. For people in their 40s, admission increased by 800%.Medical center New jersey From January to March, hospitalizations for patients aged 70 and over decreased by 18%, and patients aged 40-59 increased by 10%.

Walensky said unvaccinated elderly people continue to be hospitalized. “We are still hearing the story,” I was vaccinated yesterday, but today I am infected with COVID. ” “

But in reality, there will be no exact number of new infections, hospitalizations, or deaths that mark the finish line, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, president’s medical adviser to President Joe Biden, during the briefing.

“We see that as more people are vaccinated, the number of cases we see every day will decrease. The domino effect chain of reduced hospitalization and mortality.” Mr. Forch said.

“I don’t think it’s an exact number. I don’t know what that number is. I can’t say it’s a” this “percent,” he added. “But we’ll know it if we look at it. It’s obvious because the numbers drop so dramatically.”

Biden announced on Tuesday that all adults in the United States are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. From April 19thHowever, some states are already open to qualification.

Forch said the finish line was “on the way.” “Go for it.”

Still, experts say children must participate in the mix in order for the country to go to pre-pandemic normality.

“One group that we really need to add to the equation to achieve community protection is … children. Clinical trials for children are on track. Chief of the Duke University Human Vaccine Institute Dr. Emmanuel Walter, Jr., Medical Officer, said Wednesday. Webinar.. “I think we need to consider vaccination of our children to achieve our goal of achieving herd immunity.”

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