Is the FBI doing nothing to Nasar’s claim? What’s happening at KCK’s Roger Golbski now?

Wednesday Burn the report of the Inspector General of the Justice Ministry About the FBI’s omission in response to allegations against Larry Nassar, a doctor who sexually assaulted hundreds of young gymnasts It should be of particular local interest for over 20 years.

why? I haven’t gone anywhere for years because of many serious claims to Kansas City, the Kansas Police Station and some unpleasant similarities.

Former FBI agent Alan Generich said he tried to get his boss interested in bringing in a former KCK detective, but failed. Roger Golbsky And other officers justice decades ago. Golubski has been accused of raping, stalking, and intimidating many poor black women, some of whom were later killed. While investigating police corruption at KCKPD in the late 1980s and early 90s, Generich noticed that Golbski “used the authority of his position to force sexual favor.” .. But the prosecutor was protecting the policeman, he told me, and it didn’t go anywhere.

“The FBI never intends to do anything,” he said in a recent interview. “It’s not in their interest. They annoy the police, it’s not going to get them promoted. They’re passing motions and hitting tickets,” he said. “Speaking what happens to stop corruption over there is like saying what happens to stop it in Chicago,” Generich was also an agent.

“It will need thermonuclear equipment. And in a US law firm? Some of them are married to police officers. It’s just KCK. We call it” Sodom “and” at that time. I used to call it “the land I forgot.” Cross the I-70 over there and you’ll see a long-necked dinosaur eating the top of a tree. Golbski knows everything, so no one is going to catch him. “

KCKPD victims feel ignored

In October 2018, then KCK police chief Terry Zeigler, a former Golubski partner, told KCTV:The FBI’s Kansas City office investigated the allegations.It looked like the past tense.

Some of the victims who talked to the FBI months ago feel they are endangering their lives without hearing or seeing anything. And now they are no longer expecting anything to come from it.

“I gave them everything they needed to put this guy in jail, and nothing would happen,” he says. Nico Quinn.. “I gave up everything. I gave up justice. I’m done.” Golbski said, “I stalked me from 2004 to 10 years, but he doesn’t go anywhere. They I need to be quiet before I cut my tongue out of my mouth and find me. “

“Where is the FBI?” Asks Natasha Hodge, who told the agent last February that she was there. Another Kansas City Kansas, cop, raped by Ed Sanders.. “What must happen?” She asked on the phone the other day. “I can’t imagine what else they are waiting for. People died and were hurt for the rest of their lives.”

Another woman who gave the FBI a lot of information about the crimes committed by KCK police officers, including Golubski, wrote an agent she was talking about recently. “If you had as many witnesses as you thought African Americans were criminals, you would have prosecuted him long before now,” she told him. I did.

One Golbski victim I wrote She says the FBI feels serious. “They want to be 100% sure,” before moving to arrest him. “But they’re definitely trying to prosecute him. I’m scared, and they’re checking me out and trying to help me move. They’re looking at him.”

I hope she’s right, but how long have they been doing it?

Kansas Jerry Moran Calls for Justice Department Investigation

The report of the new Ministry of Justice Inspector General FBI completely failed investigation Allegations of sexual abuse against the time-American Gymnastics and Michigan State University Doctor Larry Nassar More than 70 girls and young women were killed while doing nothing.

Later, after the reporter pushed the problem Kansas Senator Jerry MoranIn particular, seeking an inspector general’s investigation, agents lied, claimed that the paperwork was not found, and generally tried to make them appear to have done their best in the absence of them.

If your blood pressure is likely to use a little kick in the seat, check the whole thing Report on page 119After learning about the allegations from USA Gymnastics, which had already conducted its own delayed investigation, the FBI’s Indianapolis office did not start the investigation, out of the three victims they wanted to talk to. I called only one person. They had little to do, and after deciding everything, they had to actually contact their office in Lansing, Michigan, where the MSU is, but couldn’t do that.

It also did not warn the state or local government. Eight months later, when the FBI’s Los Angeles office was contacted with a similar allegation against Nasar, they began an investigation, but were also unable to contact state or local police. Similarly, IG reported that they “did not take action to mitigate the risk to gymnasts.” Anyway, how many women have to report violated to get the FBI working?

Was later The Indianapolis Star wrote about the allegations On September 12, 2016, dozens more victims reported to MSU police. MSU police searched Nasar’s house on September 20 and found 30,000 images of child pornography. It was only then that the man finally lost his job at MSU and Holt High School. And it was only then that he lost contact with young athletes that he was sexually assaulting under the guise of treatment.

In a 2018 ruling, a judge said in a letter to her that it was her honor to send him to jail between 40 and 175 years, Nasser was his hundreds of victims. Said that it was for money, attention and revenge only. “There is no anger in hell that women are despised,” he writes.

Well, of course FBI promises to learn From the grotesque failure that even the woman who won the Olympic gold medal did not listen. Victim lawyers have stated that the agents involved should be held criminally liable. And Senator Moran and others want FBI Director Chris Ray and Attorney General Merrick Garland to come and testify on how to prevent this from happening again.

Now here, and now, let’s hope it never happens again.

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