Is this an election that the Liberal Party had to lose?


In this respected publication, I wrote a few weeks ago that when the Liberal Party of Australia approached the Australian Labor Party (ALP), it would disappoint its best supporters without gaining new supporters.

And that has happened.

Completely overwhelmed by the center-right lack of product differentiation, in other words, the lack of belief, many traditional Liberal voters abandoned the party in Saturday’s elections and sent it to opposition. ..

Disappointed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s constant attempts to appease the left on issues ranging from global warming to religious freedom and empowering state prime ministers who want power with a shameful radical response to COVID. , Many voters have come to the Burke Party’s decision. Conservatism and Mill’s liberalism no longer believed in them.

The Free National Rally recorded the worst primary elections in modern times at 36%. Many traditional coalition voters “hold” votes on the numerous minor parties on the right, rather than leading them to the ALP, which forms a government that has achieved 32%, the lowest primary since 1910. bottom.

This is true because ALP relies heavily on Australia’s unique priority voting system, the Greens’ preferences. In this system, voters must number each box on the ballot from the highest-priority candidate to the lowest-priority candidate.

Instead of fighting elections with traditional strengths such as opposition to “dramatic climate change measures”, reduced government spending, and fundamental freedoms, the Liberal Party opposes these arguments in the name of political convenience. Admitted to. It became unclear exactly what the Liberal Party believed.

In other words, the Liberal Party lost the election because it forgot what it meant to be a Liberal Party.

Epoch Times Photo
Rich Liberal Party signage at the polling place of Strathfield North Public School on Federal Election Day on May 21, 2022 in Reed’s seat in Sydney, Australia. (AAPImage / Dean Lewins)

The new Prime Minister of Australia will be Anthony Albanese, a former Minister of Government of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard from 2007 to 2013. He is from the left of the party.

The next three years in Australia will probably follow the malaise experienced by Americans under President Biden.

However, this dark cloud may have a silver lining. The party believes that many “wet” liberals in the wealthy seats were, among other things, dramatically and safely lost to the so-called “climate independence” backed by billionaire Simon Holmes Acourt. increase.

These losses can be up to 7 seats. This was done by retiring accounting and deputy liberal leader Josh Frydenberg, who lost the Blue Ribbon seat of Kuyon (formerly Sir Robert Menzies) to one of these “independents”, Monique Ryan. included.

Therefore, the tactics of trying to appease those seeking climate change measures by signing up for net zero emissions by 2050 have clearly failed.

The defeat in this election offers an opportunity for renewal, if not a revolution. Liberal bases live in the suburbs of major cities and rural areas, rather than in the lush and wealthy seaside areas. In other words, Menzies claimed that the “forgotten people” were the “backbone of the country,” “salaries, shopkeepers, skilled craftsmen, professional men and women, farmers, etc.” These are the middle class in the political and economic sense, “he said.

The Liberal Party is a true conservative who has important problems for the “forgotten people” by removing these “moderates” desperately trying to express the wealthy and their extravagant concerns. You can focus on rebuilding the party with. Costs, the burden of red tape on small businesses, the importance of families in building a stable society, and extreme leftist activity in schools are degrading educational outcomes.

As I wrote last month:

Historically, liberals have been successful in elections when supporting these philosophies at the same time. Under John Howard and Tony Abbott, they had a policy of unifying the foundation around the common values ​​of social conservatives and economic dryness: lower taxes, smaller governments, individuals. Reward for their efforts, the importance of family defense and national sovereignty, the rule of law and above all, personal freedom.

The Liberal Party must rediscover these principles and find people who are ready to confidently discuss them. Hopefully it will “shock” to rediscover conservative roots. In that sense, this may be an election that the Liberal Party had to defeat.

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Rocco Roiacono


Rocco Loiacono is a senior instructor and translator from Italian to English at Curtin University Law School in Perth, Australia. His work on translation, linguistics, and law is widely published in peer-reviewed journals.

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