Is this the end of the “integration” of communist China into the world? What happened to Peng Shuai?


The second historic resolution of the Chinese Communist Party in 1981 came two years after the start of China’s “economic reform and opening up” under Deng Xiaoping.

Unlike previous resolutions, the third resolution does not recognize past mistakes that should be avoided in the future. This latest resolution celebrates Xi Jinping’s “magnificent achievements” above all else. Chinese watchers say it is, in part, a political measure aimed at consolidating Xi’s position and stopping interference from competing Jiang Zemin factions.

It is said that the allegations of the political scandal made by Chinese international tennis star Peng Shuai in the heavyweight Zhang Gaoli of the former Jiang Zemin faction serve the same purpose.

What does the current state of world trade tell us about the current state of China’s perhaps prosperous export industry and what the future holds for the Chinese economy?

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