Isaiah Washington says Ellen Pompeo has received $ 5 million in hash money to reveal the toxic behavior of co-star Patrick Dempsey

Isaiah Washington Makes a bold statement about his former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo And the alleged “toxic” colleague.

When I recently appeared on Tavis Smiley’s radio station — former PBS talk show host bought LA Station this summer — Thursday, October 21, Washington claimed Pompeo, insiders reported was In exchange for her silence, and during the shoot, she paid a hefty “$ 5 million under the table” to “not tell the world how toxic and annoying Patrick Dempsey was actually.”

Isaiah Washington (L) has revealed that Ellen Pompeo (R) hastily paid to cover up the

Isaiah Washington (L) has revealed that Ellen Pompeo (R) hastily paid to cover up the “toxic behavior” of co-star Patrick Dempsey. Photo courtesy of Leon Bennett / FilmMagic, Rich Fury / Getty Images

The “P-Valley” star, his former co-star, was affectionately called “McDreamy,” claiming that he was “not a nice guy from day one,” and Dempsey was notorious for being a “pilot poison.” He explained that he was a “perfect tyrant,” “his participation in the show made it difficult to bring them into a complete series.

The 58-year-old woman calls it “hush money” and pays from an unnamed party almost as soon as Pompeo launched the “Me Too” movement, an organization against sexual abuse and sexual harassment in 2017. Claimed to have received. Also, Hollywood people started talking about some of the treatment they received in business. Interestingly, Smiley faced allegations of sexual misconduct during the #MeToo movement and drop As a result from PBS.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed NSNSso Pompeo renewed his contract to stay for $ 20 million in “late 2017” on a show created by Shonda Rhimes, and has since become the highest-paying woman on television at the time. “And you want to run around here as you are the keeper of all the women and feminist movements,” Washington said of his former colleague.

Former “Grey’s” executive producer James D. Pariot echoed Similar opinions about Dempsey’s actionsIn all the books on Lynette Rice’s medical drama “How to Save Life: The Inside Story of Gray’s Anatomy,” the actor often states that he “terrorized the set.” “Some cast members had all sorts of PTSD with him,” Parriott was reportedly said. “He had this hold on a set he knew he could stop production and scare people.”

Washington, who made the headline in 2006 after being told that he used a homosexual slur when referring to former castmate TR Knight during his first dispute with Dempsey, was an actor in his actions. Claims to have been used to hide the behavior of.

“Romeo Must Die” actor finally apologized for his actions while sitting with people that Same year. The following year he kicked off the show.

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