ISIS bride Shami Mabegam pleads for forgiveness and offers to help Britain fight terrorism


Former ISIS bride Shami Mabegum has begged the British people for forgiveness and even offered to help Britain fight the war on terrorism.

Begum, now 22 years old, has left the UK for Syria to join the ISIS terrorist group as a 15-year-old high school girl. She has been revoked from British nationality by the British government due to security concerns and remains in detention in a Syrian camp.

Begum, who starred in ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” via videolink on Wednesday, had a Nike baseball cap, a gray vest, and a pink nail polish in his hand. This is in stark contrast to the black Nikabu that I wore as a believer in ISIS. ..

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This is an excerpt from the CCTV of 15-year-old Amira Abase (L), Kadiza Sultana (16), and Shamima Begum (15) passing through Gatwick Airport, published by the London Metropolitan Police Department on February 23, 2015. An airport in southern London before boarding a flight to Turkey on February 17, 2015. (AP Photo / Metropolitan Police)

She said she wanted to be taken back to Britain and face terrorist charges to prove her innocence.

She claimed to have done nothing “just to be a mother and wife” in the territory controlled by ISIS.

She told ISIS that she would “die rather than return” and “the only crime I committed was stupid enough to join IS. [ISIS].. “

Mr Begum said he knew it was very difficult for the British people to try to forgive her, but she said: Will live with it for the rest of my life. “

In a direct plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Mr. Begum said, “I’m not sure what you’re doing, so I think we can greatly help you in the fight against terrorism.”

She said she wanted the British people to see herself “as an asset, not a threat to them.”

In a previous media interview aired shortly after the collapse of ISIS, Begum reported the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing (22 men, women and children died after the suicide bomber Salman Abedi struck a suicide bomber). Compared to a military attack on the base. Attack “retaliation”.

However, she revealed her comments on Wednesday, saying she was unaware that women and children were injured in Manchester. “When I was asked, I didn’t know about the Manchester bombing. I didn’t know that people were killed, and that it hurt women and children.”

“This decision is not only morally correct and absolutely correct, but also legally correct,” said Health Minister Sajid Javid, who was Minister of the Interior when the decision to deprive Begum of British citizenship was made. It is the right thing to protect. “

The Interior Ministry refused to comment on Begum’s case, but said in a statement that “the government’s top priority is still to maintain our national security and keep our people safe.” ..

PA contributed to this report.

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