ISIS confirms the death of its leader and nominates a new chief

Cairo-ISIS confirmed the deaths of its leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi Al-Kreisi and its spokesperson Abu Hamza Al-Kreisi on Thursday and announced Abu Al-Hassan Al-Hashemi Al-Kreisi as the new chief.

Quraishi, a religious scholar and soldier who led ISIS from the shadows in the army of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein for more than two years, died in a U.S. special forces attack in northern Syria in February and bombed. Exploded and killed him and his family. , The US government said.

Two years after a violent Sunni Muslim group lost long-time leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a similar assault in 2019, the death of 45-year-old Quraishi is another devastating blow to ISIS. did.

The group did not deny or confirm the story of the United States, and new ISIS spokesman Abumaru Almhazil said in a recorded speech Thursday that Craisi’s final battle was at Gwailan Prison in the northeastern city of Hasakah. Stated.

At least 200 prisoners and militants, and 30 security forces, were killed to release members in an ISIS attack on prisons in January, officials said.

By AlaaSwilam